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Trident Tire Inflator to Scuba Tank 24 Inch Hose Assembly

Yoke Valve, Tank to Tire Inflator. Now you can have the peace of mind to know that you can fill up a flat tire with your scuba tank. This will work on most K Valves that are standard. We have found that some THERMO valves are a bit to thick for this set up. Simply attach to your scuba tank and you have instant air to fill a tire or the tube for you dive float flag.

NOTE: The stem is out of it since it is coming from the tank. Because it is coming from the high pressure end if it had a stem on the end of it, it would shoot out like a rocket. So you place the filler over the valve, turn on the air, hold it in place and it will fill. You regulate it by turning the valve on & off.


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Question asked
on 12/13/2010
I purchased a tire inflator to scuba tank assembly on 11/25/2010. When I received it, the adapter that fits on the tire stem is missing the insides and the end was loose like it was apart. If you could just send me the peice that goes inside the tire inflator I will put it in my self rather then having to return the item. Again the part that is missing is the insides of the brass fitting that fits over the tire inflating stem.
Answer by Bill
on 12/13/2010
Since this is a High Pressure fitting that goes direct from the tank to the valve the insides are intentionally taken out as the high pressure could make the inside valve stem shoot out when pressurized thus injuring or potentially killing someone. All you need to do is put the inflator portion over the valve stem of the tire, crack the valve and the pressure from the tank will fill the tire with no problems. Please advise if you need any more information. The version that you are referring with the insides hooks up to a lp hose on a regulator set that has a first stage that takes the high pressure and reduces it down to 120 psi. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 5/17/2011
I'm trying to set up a pneumatic system using scuba cylinders for source air. I have a CO2 regulator rated for 3000PSI input, 1/4"NPTF thread. Is the hose on your item rated for 3000PSI? If I remove the tire chuck, could I attach it to my regulator and leave it pressurized all day?
Answer by Bill
on 5/23/2011
Hey There, Yes you could keep it pressurized but remember that it is not a first stage regulator it is a direct pressured set up. So, that means that you will will have full pressure going down line.