is an Authorized Dealer for all the products we sell.

This means that every item you purchase from OnlineScuba comes with a full manufacturer's warranty. There are some online dealers of scuba equipment that are not authorized to sell by the manufacturers. Buying from such dealers could end up costing you in the long run as the equipment you purchase will NOT be warranted by the manufacturer.

REMEMBER: We are talking about life support equipment! This means that you want a company that is authorized directly by the manufacturer to sell these products. It is that simple.

Tips to make sure you are satisfied with your online scuba gear purchase from us:

  • Make your purchases with confidence as we offer a Low Price Guarantee.
  • Don't assume that buying from the lowest priced vendor will give you the best overall value and lead to a safe satisfying purchase experience. Instead, let an inconsistently low price raise a red flag that perhaps this merchant is selling the product below the manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) because they are not "Authorized Dealers".
  • If in doubt, contact the manufacturer directly to learn whether or not the dealer you are about to purchase from is authorized. This will ensure that the equipment you purchase is authentic and safe. We provide links to the manufacturer's website (when available) for each product on our website. Simply click the manufacturer's logo to be taken to their website where you can contact them about a dealer's status.
  • Don't be fooled by the so-called "warrantees" promised by unauthorized dealers. They will promise you a repair if the equipment fails, but if they lose contact with their "supplier" they will not be able to make an even exchange. Such dealers have been known to replace the item with an inferior, less expensive unit claiming that this is all they need to do to honor their warrantee policy.
  • Purchase from a company who employs divers as they are an invaluable source of knowledge ensuring you purchase the gear that best suits your budget AND dive goals.


What is Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) pricing?

MAP is an agreement that all legitimate Manufacturer Authorized retailers enter into with their authorized USA supplier, usually the manufacturer, and in some cases, the official USA distribution arm designated by the manufacturer.

We adhere to MAP restrictions because our relationship with our authorized suppliers demands it. We are an honest company and keep agreements with vendors AS WELL as our customers. We strongly feel that this is the right way to do business. Sticking to our vendors' pricing agreements also guarantees you, our customer, gets proper and prompt service from these manufacturers should you need it. Doing business with a company that conducts itself in such a manner also offers opportunities on exciting new model launches, which often hit the market in extremely limited quantities known throughout the industry as "allocations". Dealers who do not adhere to the terms they agreed to are cut off from such products, not to mention post sale service.