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I did, thank you! I am currently wearing it under a drysuit while swimming with whales in the arctic circle. It’s been great! Sent from my iPhone
Seattle, Wa, USA

This company has fantastic customer service. First I was notified that they are out of stock on my item and when I needed the product by. I gave them my travel date, which was 11 days away. The store contacted the supplier. Once they were told there was not a guarantee that the supplier could get it in time I was contacted and offered a full refund. This rarely happens these days. Most retailers would not care to spend this much time on a small order (under $20). You have earned a new customer for life.
Wes Knight
Lake Placid, Fl, United States

You guys are the best. I received my mystery box and it did not disappoint me at all. I would say it made my day. masks and fins and snorkels and boots. along with viz supplies. I have a smile that you can see for miles. Thank you . I will not hesitate to order this again.
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Hello! The mask arrived, and I swear my vision is better with this amazing mask than with my glasses!!!! I can't thank you enough enough for your amazing customer service & the optometrist for their mad skills! I do have a couple of maintenance questions: 1. Do I need to pre treat for anti fog as I would a regular non prescription mask ie scrub with toothpaste to remove any residual silicone from manufacture? 2. Are there any special cleaning dos and don't so as not to damage the prescriptive lenses? Again, I can't thank you enough for the amazing mask and online shopping experience! I can't wait to get underwater & see with actual clarity for the first time! Thanks! Jane
Seebrook, Texas, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I received my scuba mask with the prescription lenses and I am very pleased. I want to thank Lana in particular for being so patient with me now I'm really looking forward to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in August!!! Richard
Greenwood, MS, USA

I am cruise director on one of the top liveaboards in Indonesia. Ordering and returning gear online is therefore very difficult and complicated. This led me along a series of mixups involving another online retailer. I mistakenly retuned a faulty computer to OnlineScuba rather than the other company. The staff could have just returned the computer to the other retailer and been easily done with the matter. Instead they went way beyond and actually processed the exchange and return of the computer for me, a lengthy and complicated process. I just want to thank you again for your help, persistence and determination. You really went above and beyond and I am very grateful. I have bookmarked your site so it is one of the first I turn to for my future purchases. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- OnlineScuba" Hey Joshua, I have run dive operations in the past and knew that you were very busy. Being out of country does multiply that by allot so we just wated to get you taken care of as easily as possible. Glad you are taken care of and appreciate your kind words. Instructor Bill
Joshua Alpert
At Sea, Indonesia

You have been GREAT!!! The dive computer, BCD, regulator, et.al. worked perfectly in Cozumel. Looking forward to the next trip. AFTER the camera/torch arrives.
Pensacola, Florida, United States

Thanks for checking. It did arrive and fits my student well, thank you! One more for the collection :)
Riverview, Florida, USA

Hello Sierra & OnlineSCUBA team - I received my new mask with the +1.00 lenses installed. Looks good. Can't wait to try it out during my upcoming trip. We leave in two days!! Thanks, -Joe
Gulfport, MS, USA

Yes. I’m happy. I “upgraded” these when my old fins wore out and was not happy. Really glad you still carry these fins that fit me perfectly. Thanks, Cinda
Port Charles, LA, USA

Bill, the order arrived and filled the requirements. Thanks for getting it out. As I build my business, it is important for me develop good sources of various equipment and relationships. Thanks for following up. Michael PADI OWSI 35694

Thank you, Yes, it has arrived and I love it!! Thank you so much for your close-out sale! You save me over $200 for this wetsuit

Bill The box was fun. The fins are small but will send them off to Guam where they can use it on the 2023 Operation Christmas Drop. They'll get to someone who can put them to use on the small islands and atolls that the project provies items to each year. We lived out there for three years and I got to dive in some great places that most will never see. Pne was Tobi is an island in the Palauan state of Hatohobei. With a population of about 30 they got a drop each year Best wishes for a great 2023. Kirk
Guam, Guam, USA

Who would of guessed that you folks had Taylormade drain weep covers!! I have 12 now and just waiting for it to stop snowing to install them! Thank you so much! Captain Brian
Captain Brian
Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Great Service! No shipping fee and they went the extra mile and shipped express to Hawaii! Mahalo!
Kona, Hawaii, USA

Sierra, You did good. You got my product out in time for me to get on the boat. I ordered late on Tuesday, paid for three-day delivery, and it arrived today, Thursday. Thank you for your hustle. You're able to get the shipment out even though I called quite late.
Austin, Texas, USA

Hey Bill, Yes the order arrived and works well. I ordered the magnifiers to replace a yellowed one in a Suunto Mosquito and it works better Than the original. Thanks Jason
Concord, North Carolina, USA

The product arrived on time and was in original packaging. Great service! Thanks!
Chantilly, VA, USA

Yes, it did arrive and thank you for the follow up. We were very pleased with the thorough work and the complete report on the work that was completed. Thanks again! Jim and Lori

Thanks Sierra, it arrived safely and I’m using it to mount my dry suit bottle to my CCR. Eric
Locust Grove, GA, United States

Good morning, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. YES everything in my order was PERFECT! I truly appreciate your team, everyone who I spoke with and emailed were fantastic to deal with. I received everything faster than I would have if I had ordered it from our own shop. Thank you all so much for everything.
Hilo, Hawaii, USA

I just wanted to drop a line and say that when I spoke with your representative Layna today on the phone about a problem with my order that she was very helpful and sounded genuinely concerned and that was very much appreciated. Hopefully this situation can be resolved quickly. I would also like to thank you for making it easy for service members to shop on your site! Thanks again Kevin
South Dennis, MA, USA

Good afternoon: Have purchased from OnlineScuba before and am very happy with my previous purchasing experience. Best regards,
Newnan, Georgia, United States

Amber , thank you very much for the quick response and resolution. You all are great to deal with and look forward to purchases in the future.
Portersville, PA, USA

Hi Bill. Thanks for checking up. I have received everything I ordered and am satisfied with the stuff I have used so far. The only thing I didn’t use is the lift bags and the “diver below” inflatable. But everything else is great!
Green Bay, WI, United States

Bill, Yes, thank you. It arrived two days before our trip which was perfect. Both of my kids, but in particular my daughter (whose vision is worse) were very excited to be able to see while snorkeling. She was able to participate in and enjoy snorkeling in a way that she never has before. Thank you so very much for helping to bring her that joy! I did call and leave a message for Amber the day our package came in thanking her, but if she did not get it please convey my gratitude. You both made ordering the prescription masks as easy as can be and I will definitely be a return customer when the need arises for more snorkle or scuba gear! Thanks again, Laura
Santa Maria, CA, USA

Hey Bill, I received everything i payed for thank you very much. i have recommended this store to my fellow spearfishing buddy’s and they will be buying some goodies soon. Cheers
ISABELA, PR, Puerto Rico

Hi ,I spoke with a customer service person who said you have one left in stock and it would arrive at my house on Friday. I want to thank the customer rep, she went out of her way to call me back once they found one in stock. Great customer service! Thanks, Michelle
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Dived last week in Roatan in the Lotus BCD, what a fantastic experience. I am so happy with it! Thank you for the guidance to help me choose it and the patience while I returned the Pearl. The Lotus BCD arrived here today and it fits PERFECT! I am so happy with this choice. The box it arrived in was in good shape, so I've packed up the Pearl and I will drop it off at UPS tomorrow after work. Bill, thank you so much for your patience with me on the phone the day I called. I'm really glad we did this exchange, the Lotus is just perfect in every way. -Beth

My order #335054 did arrive in good time. My yellow happy-face swim caps (which I give to my fellow swimmers and that makes me very happy and have been buying them for years from you.
Reno, NV, USA

Hello, The mask arrived. We applied my ophthalmologist prescribed press on prism, and it worked! I have very good underwater vision. Thank you for the expert help and fast delivery. All the best, Sheila
Charlestown, RI, USA

Please assemble and test the regulator portions prior to shipping. I also want to thank Garrett and CJ for all of the assistance and for answering all of my questions. I have been very impressed with the level of service from this company.
Dustin Humbert
White Plains, MD, United States

Thank you Bill! Yes, I got it! Everything is good! I love it!!! Thank you!!!
Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Hello CJ I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write me a hand written note. Thank you for constantly keeping me updated and taking care of my order. I will have to try and email you guys some pics from my GoPro when I get back. I hope one day our paths will cross and we can blow some bubbles together. Thank you for your kind words in your note as well along with the cool stickers! You are truly an asset to the Online Scuba team! Sincerely Marketa Sent from my iPhone "I Can Do All Things Through Christ" MarKeta Howard

I cannot thank your crew enough for all of your help. I left an excellent review for you guys. Thanks so much!

Great quality and good price. I really appreciate the good service I had on the phone.
Tulsa, OK, USA

Tell Bill and to all the team BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER thank you all Happy bubbles
Fort Mohave, AZ, United states

thank you, husband loves it!
Bradenton, Florida, USA

THANK YOU! Thank you! When I had trouble changing the lenses, you worked with me yesterday to figure out how to use WhatsApp and then with the video option you walked me and my wife through the process until we got that first lens out. Your customer service is outstanding, far above the usual. Again, thank you so much! Cory Atwood
Cory Atwood

Thank you very much processing the refund and I see the other light was shipped. Thanks for communicating with me that the other light was out of stock. I do appreciate your customer service and will be sure to leave a good review -Peter
Bayville, NY, USA

Chris...Your suggestion is perfect! Betsy liked the Stahlsac Bonaire in black/pink even more than the original pick. Well done. And again thanks for you help. Bob
Naples, Florida, USA

Hello CJ,! I did receive it and it was a greatly appreciated gift for a dear friend. Thank you for the excellent customer service. Cat
Norcross, GA, United States

Thank you for your help and timely shipping! I will definitely order from you in the future, this suit really gets me out of tough spot. I will be able to complete my contract now. Thank you again. Regards
Seattle, Washington, USA

Gents, I did receive my orders and took the mask to dive with Fathom Five Divers on Kauai. I did have some trepidations about ordering a mask online. Took time to clean the mask, install the XS rear release strap and after 40 years of diving; this is by far and away a very good mask. It was nice to be able to read my gauges and watch clearly again. On second dive I tightened the straps to much, rolling back entry submerging I got pain across the bridge of my nose, was able to easily readjust the strap via the rear platform, that is a true value add, bride who has more hair concurs as well. The snorkel arrive to late for the trip no worries. The stickers, well. (in jest) Now I know you folks are fellow Arizona people and know that Arizona is AZ. Arkansas is AR, both have major river on one border, AZ on the west, AR on the east. Now I am not the sharpest cat on the playground but having looked at the sticker I received and asking some other folks pretty sure it is in the shape of Arkansas. But I am very pleased with your operation
Mesa, AZ, United States

Bill, yes, my order arrived okay. Thanks. Diving in fresh water after two years in the Red Sea is a very big difference!
Klein, Texas, USA

Bill, I so appreciate your call and conversation today. The feedback has been removed and I and cancelled my return request with Amazon. I have never used your company before but was impressed that you picked up the phone to call me. We will stand by for the replacement as I was about to order another compass from another vendor. Jim PADI MSDT #285005
Tampa, Florida, USA

Excellent Service ! I had a few questions about my gear order and they took care of me straight away . Been having a blast with my new Mask , Snorkel and Fins :) I'll be ordering from you again definitely ! Thanks again !
Erik Kauai
KAPA'A, Hawaii , USA

Hi Bill, Thanks for checking in on us, you all at Onlinescuba are awesome!
Kona, Hawaii, USA

Bonjour DM Chris, Bench tester has arrived yesterday. Very good shape, extremely well packed. Looking forward to start working with it. This week or next. Thant you very very much for your help. Steff Another diving guy ;-)

You rock, Divemaster Chris! Have a fantastic weekend! Happy New Year from Me to You Shane