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Great quality and good price. I really appreciate the good service I had on the phone.
Tulsa, OK, USA

Tell Bill and to all the team BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER thank you all Happy bubbles
Fort Mohave, AZ, United states

thank you, husband loves it!
Bradenton, Florida, USA

THANK YOU! Thank you! When I had trouble changing the lenses, you worked with me yesterday to figure out how to use WhatsApp and then with the video option you walked me and my wife through the process until we got that first lens out. Your customer service is outstanding, far above the usual. Again, thank you so much! Cory Atwood
Cory Atwood

Thank you very much processing the refund and I see the other light was shipped. Thanks for communicating with me that the other light was out of stock. I do appreciate your customer service and will be sure to leave a good review -Peter
Bayville, NY, USA

Chris...Your suggestion is perfect! Betsy liked the Stahlsac Bonaire in black/pink even more than the original pick. Well done. And again thanks for you help. Bob
Naples, Florida, USA

Hello CJ,! I did receive it and it was a greatly appreciated gift for a dear friend. Thank you for the excellent customer service. Cat
Norcross, GA, United States

Thank you for your help and timely shipping! I will definitely order from you in the future, this suit really gets me out of tough spot. I will be able to complete my contract now. Thank you again. Regards
Seattle, Washington, USA

Gents, I did receive my orders and took the mask to dive with Fathom Five Divers on Kauai. I did have some trepidations about ordering a mask online. Took time to clean the mask, install the XS rear release strap and after 40 years of diving; this is by far and away a very good mask. It was nice to be able to read my gauges and watch clearly again. On second dive I tightened the straps to much, rolling back entry submerging I got pain across the bridge of my nose, was able to easily readjust the strap via the rear platform, that is a true value add, bride who has more hair concurs as well. The snorkel arrive to late for the trip no worries. The stickers, well. (in jest) Now I know you folks are fellow Arizona people and know that Arizona is AZ. Arkansas is AR, both have major river on one border, AZ on the west, AR on the east. Now I am not the sharpest cat on the playground but having looked at the sticker I received and asking some other folks pretty sure it is in the shape of Arkansas. But I am very pleased with your operation
Mesa, AZ, United States

Bill, yes, my order arrived okay. Thanks. Diving in fresh water after two years in the Red Sea is a very big difference!
Klein, Texas, USA

Bill, I so appreciate your call and conversation today. The feedback has been removed and I and cancelled my return request with Amazon. I have never used your company before but was impressed that you picked up the phone to call me. We will stand by for the replacement as I was about to order another compass from another vendor. Jim PADI MSDT #285005
Tampa, Florida, USA

Excellent Service ! I had a few questions about my gear order and they took care of me straight away . Been having a blast with my new Mask , Snorkel and Fins :) I'll be ordering from you again definitely ! Thanks again !
Erik Kauai
KAPA'A, Hawaii , USA

Hi Bill, Thanks for checking in on us, you all at Onlinescuba are awesome!
Kona, Hawaii, USA

Bonjour DM Chris, Bench tester has arrived yesterday. Very good shape, extremely well packed. Looking forward to start working with it. This week or next. Thant you very very much for your help. Steff Another diving guy ;-)

You rock, Divemaster Chris! Have a fantastic weekend! Happy New Year from Me to You Shane

You guys are totally amazing! Did not expect to have it but cannot tell you how much I appreciate it, as it is the gift for the guy who is impossible to get gifts for. Thanks a million and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Bozeman, Montanna, United States

Hey Chris, Just wanted you to know that I received my package in good order today. It is a Christmas for my son-in-law, so I am very pleased it arrived in time for me to wrap and take to him for Christmas. Thanks again for the great service and for your excellent customer service. I’m sure I’ll be back. Joe
Ocala, Florida, USA

Thanks Chris. I’m very pleased with this order. I registered the Galileo HUD and transmitter online with ScubaPro this morning. Can wait to see the look on my wife’s face when she see’s what she got me for Christmas! BTW - My wife was a previous SSI instructor and if I’m not not careful my new scuba computer may turn up permanently in her dive bag when I’m not looking!
Austin, TX, USA

Wow, Bill, you guys should charge more for this knife. Great quality!!!! You have a customer for life Bill. Thanks for the stickers. I'm kind of a sticker nut! You outdid yourself, are you sure I do not owe you money for them?
Michigan City, MI, USA

Thank you for letting me know! Look forward to doing business with you again in the future! -JW

Hey good morning Bill. Thanks so much for the follow-up email. I received the rashguard and loved it. Thanks so much for all your help with everything.
Tuscaloosa, Al, USA

Got the knife. Also got a sweet new light and am going freediving /spearfishing this weekend. Thanks Bill!
Las Vegas, NV, USA

I was one week away from my trip to Roatan when my new i770r computer froze during a firmware update. In a panic I contacted you guys and the Aqua Lung technical support and you guys were able to get me a replacement in time. Chris was incredible! Not only did I tell this story to as many divers that would listen telling them how awesome you guys are. Thank you so much and keep doing great things!
Baltimore, MD, United States

Thank you for immediate response and correction. I had not received items yet, but if your products as great as your customer service seems to be, you will have a satisfied customer that will shop here again.
Center City, Mn, United States

DM Chris, I want to take a minute to thank you for all the help, and great customer service you have provided me from day 1. The wetsuits, to the regulators, BCD, all of it. You were a big help with my ability to make good decisions. I know you don’t hear it enough, but it matters and it keeps people like me a loyal customer. The pricing, solving service issues, all of it. I know I’m a pain in the ass, but you always make it work out. Got the watch. Going to try it out. Looks good for being a demo. Anyhow, thanks again for all your extra work, sincerely Ron Sage.....👍🤙
Seattle, WA, United States

Purchased a couple of sea dragon arms online from these guys. Received the wrong kind of arms by accident. No worries! Chris quickly responded and 2 days later the correct arms arrived! I appreciate the quick and professional service from onlinescuba. I will definitely consider buying more products from them in the future. Thanks Chris and everyone at onlinescuba
Kingsville, La, United States

Hi Bill. I did receive the hose. The ID was a bit smaller than what was on the BCD, however, with some old fashioned spit and elbow grease, I was able to get the ends over the fittings. Haven't tested it in the water yet, but dry run, all is well. Thanks for everything. Dan.
Woodruff, SC, USA

I did receive it. And the gloves are awesome! Cynthia Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse typos.
San Jose, CA, USA

Hello, I received the low pressure hose you sent, and it connects well to the inflator hose I bought from you and inflates without leaking on dry land. Unfortunately I am not able to test the inflator hose underwater for a couple months due to a family emergency. How should we proceed? At this point, I would not return the inflator hose, and would eventually test it underwater. There was no bill in the box for the low pressure hose you sent- don't know how to pay you, but do thank you for the hose and your quick responses and resolution of the problem. I am currently very satisfied with the assembly.
Honolulu, HA, USA

OnlineScuba sales team are very good and knowledgeable. This will be my goto shop for all my scuba equipment needs. Thanks keep up the good work.
Benton, AR, USA

Hi Bill, Thank you for your great support and follow up. Sorry for the late reply. I wanted to test it during the weekend dives. That hood is amazing! My daughter is quite skinny and feels the cold water more quickly than the others. First, she tried a Henderson hood but back to the beach after 30 minutes. After that, she wore the Bare, it was not easy, because its neck part is so tight. This is the only complaint of us :) Luckily, our instructor showed us the wearing technique, and my daughter was in the water more than 1 hour! She did not felt the cold water of Rockport, MA. Therefore, this was a good buy and worthy for the pricing. Thank you for your size recommendation as well, size 2 is exact fit for my daughter. Have a wonderful week! Uma
Lexington, MA, USA

Bill, you guys are awesome. Keep sending the emails. Was a long summer of helping teach.
Virginia City, NV, USA

Re: Did your order arrive ok? Everything received in excellent conditions. Thank you Sherif
Hatley, Quebec, Canada

This site and those who run it are very customer service oriented. And don't even get me started on the savings! I can not honestly understand why anyone would chose any other online service. Thanks for being here!! Customer for life!!
Charles McKeen
Snoqualmie, WA, US

Hey guys, quick note to let you know I received the replacement hose in good order this afternoon, really appreciate your prompt attention to my not-particularly-huge order to address something not reasonably within your control. I'll leave feedback accordingly. I shipped the return hose this morning so that should arrive shortly. Thanks! Tom
Long Beach, Ca, USA

Thank you very much for your service. I will definitely consider and recommend your store for all my diving gear purchases. Best regards,
Nampam, Idaho, USA

It did arrive & it’s great. We will order more stuff if we could continue to get good prices & service Thank you
Canton, CT, United States

You guys have done an outstanding thing here. This will certainly make the start of my trip much more pleasant. Cudos to Spencer for stepping up and banging this out!!

Bill, Thanks for checking in with this order. The Zeagle SAR I ordered did arrive this week. I got it out and checked it over and seems to be in order. I'm looking forward to getting it in the water, water temps a little low for that right now. Im trying get one of my team mates to do a dive soon, i can dive this water, just gotta find a buddy with suit that can handle it. LOL. I want a couple fun dives in it before I pull a call in it. I'll leave a review once I get to use it, if you plan to carry these. James PADI Asst. Instructor NAPD Special Response Diver
sumter, sc, usa

Hey Bill, I just spoke with Chris and he's sending the reg bag and compass and explained what to do with the secondary. I'm very impressed with your customer service to date. As soon as I receive the reg bag and compass I look forward to writing a very positive review of my experience with you guys. Regards
Mount Vernon, Washington, USA

Customer experience was exceptional with this team, which is rare these days. They responded very promptly to my questions and shipped cross country with expedited service. I must say that they were very competitive with regards to pricing on top brand Cressi product which I purchased. To sum it up: great product offering, aggressive pricing and stellar customer service. 5 star operation in my opinion. I highly recommend Online Scuba
Donald Daniels
Pennsville, NJ, US

Great bunch of folks. Were able to get me what I wanted when I needed it (in a hurry). Could not have been a better experience in terms of customer service and support; I was kept informed every step along the way, to include follow-up to ensure items arrived timely. Really,!Really! Really! Online Scuba’s support of America’s Service members and veterans.
Sean Lucas
Williamsburg, VA, US

I just wanted to take a second to let you know that your great customer service has earned you a long-time customer. I’ve used 4-5 other popular sites to order scuba gear over the years. In that time, I’ve had sites promise to have items in stock, only to have it backordered and take weeks (or I’ve had to cancel my order), received items late, received wrong items, etc. This is my first order with you, and I know I’ll have others in the future. When I ordered, I stated I needed my order by 1/31/2019, and your team went to the extra mile to ensure that was the case. The next day, one of your team members called me (I believe his name was Spencer) - he wanted to ensure the ScubaPro jacket I ordered was the right size due to previous customers returning it because it ran large. He asked for my body size, and what size wetsuit I’d be wearing. Then, since he and I are similar in size he tried everything on while I was on the phone to confirm. Then, another team member contacted me to verify the date I needed it and to confirm the shipping method used would get it to me when needed. Again, I was impressed. Thank you for going the extra mile, I couldn’t be happier with how you managed it from start to finish. Please share this with your team, and feel free to post it online if you wish.
Pleasant Hill, Iowa, USA

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much!! I received the wetsuit and it’s perfect!! You guys are super awesome!! Glad I found you. Tracie :) Sent from my iPhone
Cottonwood Heights, Utah, United States

The order arrived on time for our trip. The order experience was super. I originally ordered a similar product from scuba pro but it wouldn’t make it on time. You suggested this alternative product which worked out great. I hadn’t seen this product When I did a search on the website as its product name is different. Thanks for the help Mike
Louisville, KY, USA

All is well, I love my swim vest. It is just what I needed for my early morning swim. Shayne
Compton, California, USA

I cannot say enough good things about this company to do it justice. I ordered two BC packages but I wanted to customize. Their response? No problem...I was in phone contact multiple times with a real person, what a great experience. I received my items as promised but guess what? I ordered the wrong size BC. Onlinescuba priority shipped me a new BC in 2 days so I could use it on my weekend dive. They had no issues doing this even though it was my fault. They included a return shipping label for the BC that I missed order. I will do all of my shopping here first. Thanks Chris and all of you guys for working with me and getting me the stuff fast. Oh....Great prices too
Richard Howard

Yes, the new head light arrived and I am very happy! I sent Divemaster Chris a thank you and want to thank you also. You guys went above and beyond on this one and I really appreciate it. All the best from Palau, Mike
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Thanks a lot Bill, for the VIP honor. While i am writing let me mention to you that your employee Chris and a few others i have talk with are outstanding with your customer services. If i have any question or concern about a product i get a fast and honest answer. also if a item is out of stock and not going to be coming (any delay) in you guys call and email me that there is going to be a delay and offer me other options. Your military discount is also appreciated those store that offer that to the military always get my family and friends business. Your company goes above and be on and have all my scuba business now and in the future.
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Just wanted to let you know Joan’s BCD arrived. We got to go diving yesterday and she loved it! These Travelight BCD’s are the most comfortable, best fitting BCD’s we’ve ever used. Plenty of pocket space, D-rings, and the dump valves are well placed and easy to reach. Thanks again for all your help.
Larry and Joan
St. George, Utah, USA