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Scuba Tank to Scuba Tank Equalizer 5000 PSI Gauge Yoke

Tank to Tank Equalizer w/Bleeder Valve and 5000 PSI Gauge.

Constructed of high pressure 5000 psi hose and made to equalize or fill one tank from another. Set up to equalize from the tank with highest pressure to the tank with the lowest pressure. Comes with bleeder valve to safely detach and ready to help make your scuba diving safe and fun.

When using the equalizer hose

1. connect both tanks

2. crack bleeder screw open slightly (this eliminates hose pressure shock, which may have caused a seepage past the pipe dope)
3. slowly open empty tank valve (tank with lowest pressure first) and then close bleeder.
4. continue to open empty tank all the way
5. very slowly open tank valve of full tank
6. it is a slow process (not a fast fill) to equalize the tanks,
do not open the full tank valve all the way be safe and slow to equalize the tanks


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by Mike
on 10/23/2020
from FL Keys
Filling my pony was never easier
I was tired of paying for a full 80CF refill when all I needed as 20CF.  Yes its not perfect but if I move the extra air from hot tanks  (>3000) I can fill this and be fine with my 80s for a full dive.

It works like a charm.

Be sure to get dust caps when you purchase this item.
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Question asked
on 8/1/2016
I am trying to build an air lift run on scuba tanks for field suction sampling and wanted to know if the pressure gauge on this hose is water proof and if so up to what depth?
Answer by Bill
on 8/4/2016
Hello, Good question and no this gauge is not made for underwater use. May want to use a different set up. Hope this helps. Thanks, Bill