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Waterproof D3 Ergo Drysuit

Waterproof has developed and tested drysuit material together with the producers since 1983 and this is the best lightweight drysuit fabric they have ever developed. The special formula Tri-Lam fabric is lightweight, soft and durable – a rare combination. It is sewn together with single stitch and soft rubber taped seams which ensures a very flexible and comfortable suit. Soft, flexible Neoprene boots and plastic zipper keeps the weight down. The whole suit including valves, boots, seals and suspenders weighs only 4.1 kg (Men’s medium).

The D3 Ergo originates from the Expedition Drysuit EX2 which has its roots in special forces military suits where light weight, flexibility and movability is essential. After the EX2 had been on the market for a while Waterproof realized that it was being used in very different environments. Both Tech divers and Polar Diver Guides loved it. The suit was much more versatile than anyone could imagine. Therefore, it was decided to make a new suit with the same characteristics but with a strong tri-lam fabric instead of the EX2 breathable membrane. Including exchangeable silicone seals and a pee zipper. So if you love movability, flexibility, a snug fit, low weight but still a durable suit – this is the one for you.

Since the D3 derives from a military suit, it is designed for unrestricted movability and control, both above and below the surface. Therefore it has a slimmer cut around the torso and legs for less drag and unnecessary air movement which enhances control. The D3 still has a bit more space around the shoulders to improve the movability in this area. With the placement of the dry zipper and the very soft tri-lam fabric there are literally no restrictions in movement.


  • Light & Flexible – Special formula tri-lam fabric, abrasion tested with Martindale Method according to SS-EN ISO 12947-2:2017. Lightweight, soft and durable – the suit weighs 4.1kg (Man’s medium).
  • Versatile – The D3 Ergo derives from a military suit, where light weight, flexibility and movability is essential.
  • Slim Fit – For unrestricted movability and enhanced control both above and below the surface.
  • YKK Plastic dryzipper in the back for maximum movability. The placement enables you to open & close the zipper by yourself.
  • ISS Integrated Silicone Seals. Equipped with preinstalled exchangeable silicone seals in both neck and wrist.
  • SI TECH Quick Neck. Works with silicone, latex & neoprene seals.
  • SI TEC QCS Oval Ring System. Works with silicone & latex seals.
  • Anti-Slip Seat.
  • Dual light weight leg pockets.
  • Kevlar reinforced kneepads with pocket for knee protection padding.
  • Soft light weight boots.
  • Neoprene Warm Neck and detachable Warm Cuffs.


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Question asked
on 6/13/2021
This might be a dumb question but its not obvious in the description. Is this a neoprene drysuit? And what is the alternative and differences between neoprene and not? Thank you!
Answer by chris
on 6/17/2021
Hi, Thanks for your question. The D3 is a new Tri-lam drysuit. There are also crushed neoprene drysuit. Here is an article on the differences "At some point, being surrounded by tech divers who almost exclusively only dive with trilaminate drysuits, it seemed it was the only right way to go… but not necessarily for anyone. Contrary to neoprene dry suits, even if crushed, trilaminate does not offer any positive buoyancy or thermal insulation. This technical fabric is made of three layers of different materials, hence its name. Materials chosen vary from one model to another, but usually, the ones with Cordura on top are the most resistant. Being much looser than the neoprene ones, trilaminate drysuits allow you to adapt the thickness of undergarment to wear depending on the water temperature conditions. They tend to be faster to dry and, generally speaking, lighter to transport. The drawbacks? They are the most expensive dry suits and offer a less smooth diving experience as it is looser it makes the suit less hydrodynamic. It is actually for these 2 reasons that I chose a neoprene dry suit. First of all, I like the extra insulation of the 7mm neoprene. Then, I like the sensation of diving with a neoprene drysuit not being much different from a wetsuit. I care about this especially when shooting pictures or video as my position and trim in the water matters. From a comfort point of view, wearing a neoprene drysuit exposes you less to a painful squeeze effect on your legs when you go deeper. Besides, today, it is possible to find thin and warm undergarments to put below this type of drysuit. The trilaminate drysuit might let you save weight and volume in your luggage, but this gain might be lost by the weight and size of the undergarment you need for this type of drysuit. Regarding the drying issue, in my travels, as I like to take it slower, I usually allocate a day of drying for my equipment in my organization before moving to the next place. So finally, after thinking trilaminate dry suits were the best in my case, I analyzed better my needs and realized the neoprene in addition to being cheaper was just the right choice for me." Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks DM Chris
Question asked
on 1/31/2022
Is the waterproof D3 available as made-to-measure?
Answer by Bill
on 2/1/2022
Hello, The waterproof suits do not come in custom sizes, but they do have allot of leeway fit wise. If you want to get us all your measurements we can run it past the manufacturer. Hope this helps, Happy Diving, Instructor Bill OnlineScuba Established 1996 1 866 728 2293