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Water Proof Scuba Diving Safety Strobe & LED Light

Super safety strobe light/flashlight combination.

One side is a high visibility blinking white strobe light the other is a bright LED flashlight.


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by Robert Bewley
on 8/20/2021
from Alabama
Havent dived yet but appears ok
This is the LST light/safety strobe.  It is marketed under several names.  I had bought/returned a big name strobe as it had very little option for attaching it to a harness/strap on my bcd.  It took a bit of time for this one to arrive and missed my departure for Honduras; but expedited shipping was crazy expensive.  My only concern with this light is the rotating bezel switch;  it is a rotating bezel with no locking mechanism and is pretty easy to turn so I am concerned about it getting easily and mistakenly turned on.   As far as Online Scuba they have done everything expected and they followed up so I am pleased with them.   R
by M. Kohler
on 9/13/2018
from Texas
Works Great
This strobe did exactly what it was supposed to do, work. I staged this light on two different dives at about 25' in clear 62 degree water, and left the blinking strobe on while I continued my dives. The strobe was still on at the end of my dives and never flooded. I call that a success.

One thing I'd like to mention to assist others is this. There are arrows on the light that need to be lined up after inserting batteries. Be sure to align them properly. The battery pack needs to be inserted a specific way that lines up, don't force it. Also, when putting the strobe end back on, make sure the positive metal on metal connections are touching. If the strobe doesn't work after inserting batteries, it's most likely because it was put back together wrong. This will make more sense when you have the light in hand.
by D. Stow
on 7/20/2016
Dive strobe
I ordered this light from online scuba.  While it does work it is not a product of Trident.  Or at least the one they sent me.   They sent me a name brand that I never have heard of before. 

OnlineScuba: Trident purchases them from another supplier and sells them, so would not be made from them but they distribute them.  Hope this makes sense.,  Instructor Bill 
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Question asked
on 10/14/2017
what batteries does this require?
Answer by chris
on 10/17/2017
Hi, Thanks for your question. It uses 2 AA batteries. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks Divemaster Chris
Question asked
on 11/29/2021
Hi, with the Trident Water Proof Scuba Diving Safety Strobe & LED Light I see it says in the FAQ it says it uses AA batteries. Can you use rechargeable ones, as it seems that normal AAs are 1.5V and rechargeable AAs are 1.25 V. What voltage does the Trident need? Regards Gary
Answer by Bill
on 11/30/2021
Hi Gary, Yes you can use rechargable ones, no problem. Hope this helps, Happy Diving, Instructor Bill OnlineScuba Established 1996 1 866 728 2293