How Long Does It Take An Order To Ship & How Do I Know If Its In Stock?

By Bill

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Orders shipping to a U.S. zip code can expect to receive the order no later than 14 working days from when the order was placed. It is very important that customers communicate with us when timing is a factor. If you've placed an order and need immediate processing, please contact customer service by phone (1-866-728-2293) or using our ticket system.

Orders placed after 10 a.m. Pacific are processed the following business day (excludes holidays and weekends). Typically all orders are processed in one day; 3-day and 2-day orders are processed first. We make every attempt to accommodate our customers needs provided that we're made aware of need by dates, deadlines and such.

Stock availability is subject to prior sale. In stock orders will ship within 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends). If an item is not in stock for immediate shipping, we will of course bring the item in from our supplier and will usually ship in 2-3 business days. We make every attempt to verify availability with our supplier and will notify you immediately if an item is backordered and when it is expected to become available again so that you can make the best decision for you circumstances. If we notify you that an item is backordered, we will offer you an alternative, or you can choose to wait for the item to become available or to cancel the order.

Last Updated: 1/27/2012

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