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Sherwood is proud to be an exclusive Master Distributor for Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world's most respected manufacturer of aluminum high-pressure gas cylinders. We stock the broadest range of aluminum scuba cylinders available, including the high-pressure, hoop-wrapped composite cylinders.-We offer many sizes from the small 6 cu.ft. pony bottle to the large volume 100 cu.ft. diving cylinder. sherwood has grown to become the largest distributor of scuba diving cylinders in the U.S., and continues to provide cylinders to diving operators around the globe. Luxfer Gas Cylinders Sherwood exclusively distributes Luxfer SCUBA cylinders Stocking Master Distributor for the full-line of Luxfer SCUBA cylinders Luxfer is the world's first and largest manufacturer of aluminum cylinders Luxfer leads the diving industry in the development of new technologies Manufacturing Built from proprietary aluminum alloy 6061-T6, a balanced aluminum-magnesium-silicon blend exclusive to Luxfer Manufactured to meet all U.S. (DOT) and Canadian (TC) regulations Cycle-tested in excess of 100,000 cycles at service pressure Minimum burst pressure tested to 2.5 times service pressure without failure Exterior Finish Most Luxfer cylinders are painted with durable, premium-quality powder coatings Shot Blast and Brushed No Coat cylinders are not painted, making them ideal for rental, dive boats, etc. Aluminum is highly resistant to external corrosion Interior Finish Aluminum is highly resistant to internal corrosion Nitrox Ready Cleaned and sealed at the factory All cylinders built after January 1, 2005 are oxygen-clean from the factory Valves All Luxfer cylinders sold by sherwood include Thermo valves Standard inlet thread (3/4 in.-14 NPSM) allows upgrade to Thermo PRO valve The Thermo PRO valve has a convertible design, allowing for standard yoke or 230 bar DIN connections PRO valves are clean for pre-blended Nitrox up to 40% FO2 Description AL50 AL63 AL80 ALN80 AL100 ALW106 Model Luxfer 50 Luxfer 63 Luxfer 80 Neutral 80 Luxfer 100 Limited 106 Service Pressure 3000 psi 3000 psi 3000 psi 3300 psi 3300 psi 4350 psi True Capacity 48.4 cu ft 63.0 cu ft 77.4 cu ft 77.4 cu ft 98.8 cu ft 105.2 cu ft Buoyancy* FULL - 2.3 lbs. - 2.2 lbs. - 1.4 lbs. - 5.7 lbs. - 4.3 lbs. - 4.8 lbs. Buoyancy* HALF - 0.5 lbs. + 0.2 lbs. + 1.5 lbs. - 2.8 lbs. - 0.6 lbs. - 0.9 lbs. Buoyancy* 500 psi + 0.8 lbs. + 1.7 lbs. + 3.4 lbs. - 0.9 lbs. + 1.9 lbs. + 2.1 lbs. Weight EMPTY 21.2 lbs. 26.7 lbs. 31.4 lbs. 35.4 lbs. 41.0 lbs. 33.8 lbs. Outside Diameter 6.90 in. 7.25 in. 7.25 in. 7.25 in. 8.00 in. 7.39 in. Cylinder Length 19.0 in. 21.9 in. 26.1 in. 25.8 in. 26.2 in. 26.1 in. Valve Included VA100 VA100 VA100 VA200 VA200 VA378 Colors YL BK, BU, SB, YL BK, BNC, BU, GN, RD, SB, WH, YL BK, BNC, BU, YL BK, YL WH *in sea water with valve


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by James
on 9/25/2021
from Texas
just as advertised
very quick deliver, set up was a breeze, inspection and first fill and dive easy and right. 
by Delvis
on 3/10/2017
from Puerto Rico
Great addition
 Very good and cheap price for the quality.
by Mark
on 9/28/2015
from San antonio
Sherwood 80cf tanks
True to form, my new tanks are as good as all the other Sherwoods I've used.
by John Richardson
on 3/24/2009
from Menphis, TN
Nice Scuba Tank
This was a  purchase I made to finish my scuba gear set up.  I chosee the 80 cu ft tank because we used them in my scuba class.  I bought the genesis dual valve that can be used for yoke or DIN.  Perfect tank.
by Neethe
on 3/24/2009
from chennai
Excellent product, which is very useful. great for my use and hope it lasts long for fortuer use.
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Question asked
on 9/25/2012
Hi, would like to buy 5 tanks but I don't know how to get the pro valve. Can you send with DHL or UPS? How much? Thank you very much.
Answer by Bill
on 10/2/2012
Hey There, simply place the order and if in the states it will go UPS we can ship UPS out of the country as well but shipping will run higher than postal service but will be more reliable. As for the pro valve simply request it and we will take it from there for you. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 5/6/2013
What is the max fill PSI on this tank, 3,000 or 3,300? Thank you
Answer by Bill
on 5/7/2013
Question asked
on 7/22/2013
do these come with a valve if so is it a yoke or a din, thanks
Answer by Bill
on 7/23/2013
Hello, these come with the Harrison valve that is yoke or din. (it has an insert that allows the change)
Question asked
on 11/7/2013
Hi, We are considering buying some of this tanks for our operation. But just a few questions: -What its the difference between brushed coat and shot blast? Are they both available? -What is the valve available? Does it fit both Din and Yoke? -It will be shipped international to Mozambique. Can you give me a estimate time of delivery? Regards, Ricardo Serra
Answer by Bill
on 11/12/2013
Hello and thanks for you question. Shot blast has no real pattern whild brushed does have a brush pattern. Shot blast works best for rental and general everyday use in my opinion. The valve is the harrison version that can be yoke or DIN by removing the insert. We can ship to you but it would best if you set up with a freight forwarder such as Bongo International. I would allow for a few weeks based on where these are going and custom delays. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 3/4/2014
Do you shipping to Brazil ? Do you havfe some used tank to sell ? Tks Fernando
Answer by Bill
on 3/5/2014
Hi Fernando, We can ship these to you but they will be via USPS and since they weigh quite a bit it will get expensive but the best way to figure that out is to place an order and let the system tell you shipping costs. As for used tanks we do not have any at the moment sorry. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 3/5/2014
Hi, How will the items be packed to be shipped? can you provide me the dimensions? Thabks
Answer by Bill
on 3/5/2014
Box dimensions are 28 x 8 x 8 and are shipped in corrugated boxes with the valve in its own box. We ship these USPS or UPS depending on least expensive method.
Question asked
on 8/15/2015
When the tank arrives, it it filled? Does it have a new Hydro/visual on the tank (the hydro stamp, and a sticker for the visual)?
Answer by Bill
on 8/16/2015
Hello, Good question. The tanks are sent empty and it does come with a visual inspection sticker. Hope this helps. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 12/29/2015
Are these hydro tested?
Answer by wendy
on 12/30/2015
Hello, I spoke to our supplier and these tanks are New, not Refurbished. They are tested for leaks at the manufacturing site. Once a tank is 5 years old then they recommend tank be re-tested and certified. Thanks, Wendy, Customer Service, 1-866-728-2293
Question asked
on 8/25/2017
dose this tank come with a value
Answer by chris
on 8/28/2017
Hi, Thanks for your question. yes, the tank will come with a valve. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks Divemaster Chris
Question asked
on 11/23/2017
Can yo please tell me overall height of cylinder? Thanks.
Answer by chris
on 11/24/2017
Hi, Thanks for your question. The tank is roughly 27" without the valve inserted, with the valve it is roughly 29". if you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks Divemaster Chris 866-728-2293
Question asked
on 1/9/2018
Hi, I would like to use the tank for Nitrogen fill with a CGA 580 valve. Could you tell me what the inlet thread size is so I can check if a CGA 580 Valve would fit. And yes this is not for scuba diving... Thanks, Gerhard
Answer by Bill
on 1/10/2018
Hello, the CGA 580 valve is 3/4 inch tapered and will not work with any scuba tank aluminum or steel. You will need an industrial gas cylinder. Hope this helps, Instructor Bill
Question asked
on 1/21/2020
I see for the 10 extra I can get boot, mesh net and cap but can i also get the provalve in this tank with the red/green indicator that shows when it is on/off? And do you do gov public safety agency prices?
Answer by chris
on 1/23/2020
Hi, Thanks for your question. Yes, we would be able to get the indicator handle on the valve. Thanks Divemaster Chris
Question asked
on 7/11/2020
Is VIP and 1st fill included with cylinder and what type of valve is included?
Answer by chris
on 7/13/2020
Hi, Thanks for your question. The tank will not be VIP'd or come filled. The tank will come with a standard Sherwood K valve. Thanks Divemaster Chris
Question asked
on 6/13/2021
Can I order these tanks with a Provalve?
Answer by chris
on 6/17/2021
Hi, Thanks for your question. Yes, we can get the Pro valve for you. Give us a call at 866-728-2293 and we can let you know the price difference. Thanks Divemaster Chris
Question asked
on 8/1/2021
does tank come with hydro? VIP?
Answer by Bill
on 8/5/2021
Hello, The tank will have a recent (in the past year) hydro and when you get it filled for the first time you will need to take it to a shop and they will VIP it. Hope this helps, Happy Diving, Instructor Bill OnlineScuba Established 1996 1 866 728 2293
Answer by chris
on 8/5/2021
Hi, Thanks for your question. Yes, the tank will be hydro'd and VIP'd. Thanks Onlinescuba 866-728-2293
Question asked
on 4/15/2022
Do you have a time frame when these might be back in stock?
Answer by garrett
on 4/15/2022
Hello Due to the shortage of tanks we can take a order but there the cost listed is not correct as there is a surcharge on tanks right now we call our vendor to see if there's tanks and then we can tell you the price for the tanks. Feel free to give us a call Happy Diving, Garrett Purchasing 1-866-728-2293 www.OnlineScuba.com
Question asked
on 8/3/2022
Do you know when you will have some more in stock I have been waiting for a while now to purchase 2 of these tanks. Or do you have something compatible? Thank you for your time. Patricia
Answer by amber
on 8/3/2022
Hello, According to the vendor company, they have Catalina brand tanks available in multiple colors. Happy Diving, Amber 1-866-728-2293 OnlineScuba Since 1996
Question asked
on 10/31/2022
When will this be in atock
Answer by sierra
on 11/1/2022
Hi, Thanks for the question. Diversco has notified us that all O2 tanks will be available after Dec 31, 2022. I would periodically check back in case this changes. Hope this Helps, Sierra 1 866 728 2293 OnlineScuba Since 1996