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Aqua Optx Magnifier Bi-Focal Inserts

Aqua Optx Bi-Focal Flexible Gauge Reader Inserts are permanently installed with special clear glue that is included with each pair. Why spend $100 or more for ground lenses when you can have the readers installed in minutes. Perfect when your gauges just don't seem easy enough to read anymore, especially underwater.


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by obsidiana
on 10/21/2021
from california
Trident Aqua Optx Flexible Magnifier Bi-Focal Inserts
Purchased two sets: +3.0 and +3.5 to install one of each in mask for best vision match to eyes.
Followed instruction and found it very easy to glue lenses into exact place desired by taping the cut outs with double sided tape on the outside. Used more glue than less and found it easy to remove excess by using warm water. Definitely waited 24 hours plus for curing. 
Magnification was perfect while diving. Could see all the small critters well.
Having decided to switch to a newly purchased mask, the lenses were removed by soaking in hot water a few times until the glue loosened. cleaned the mask and had no residue. The magnifying lenses were then cleaned and glued to the new mask. All went well as the first time.
Customer service was excellent. They were very responsive to my initial inquiries and post order updates on urgent delivery prior to diving trip. All went smoothly. Thank you.
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Question asked
on 3/24/2011
I am desperate for these inserts for my husbands dive mask - he goes April 2 for his certification dive. I see that the 2.00 is back orderd till the 25th is there any way I can have them by Thursday the 31st?
Answer by caitlyn
on 3/24/2011
The inserts have been back ordered further until 6/1 by the supplier
Question asked
on 2/18/2012
I'd like to order Dive Optx Flexible Magnifier Bi-Focal Inserts in a 2.00 diopter. When can you guarantee shipment? I need by end of month.
Answer by Bill
on 2/20/2012
Hello, we would be happy to take care of you but these are on back order until the end of the month and that is that we would be able to order them in not have them available to ship. So, I would not want to make a promise we could not keep. Sorry about that.
Question asked
on 3/8/2012
I would like to know what strength these lenses are offered in. 2x, 2.25x, 2.5x? And if they are in fact in stock now? Thanks, Terri
Answer by Bill
on 3/13/2012
Hi There, Sorry the company moved and is not manufacturing at the moment. Could be a long while is what we are being told.
Question asked
on 3/11/2012
I ned 2 sets ofDive Optx Flexible Magnifier Bi-Focal Inserts one +2.00 and the second for +2.75. do you have them in stock in order to send them asap to FT. MYERS FL to arrive this coming Friday the 16th. looking for your answer miguel shapiro
Answer by Bill
on 3/13/2012
Hi Miguel,, Just got an answer finally from our supplier. The folks at this company moved production and as of today and the near future will not be making any. So, no stock for at least another 3 months or more.
Question asked
on 4/20/2012
I'd like to order a few pairs of these in 1.25 and 1.5 - are these special order items or are they really backordered until July???
Answer by Bill
on 4/20/2012
Hi There, These may be back ordered even later as that company moved and they are having issues with the new plant and getting production going. Sorry but no under our control,maybe we need to start making them!!
Question asked
on 10/17/2013
I have prescription le ses now but need something for close up like camera housing. Can I use the inserts on top of prescription mazk lenses? Thanks. Jim
Answer by Bill
on 10/22/2013
Sure you can as long at you don't already have bifocals?
Question asked
on 11/17/2017
Hello There... Can the glue used to adhere these lenses be used on removable lenses to keep them affixed for good? Wanted to use on back up mask.
Answer by chris
on 11/20/2017
Hi, Thanks for your question. Yes, you could use the glue to adhere the lenses.If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks Divemaster Chris