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IST ME55 Pro Ear 2000 Sealed Dive Mask

Pressure equalization can be very easily achieved with IST ProEar mask.

Difficulty in equalising and potential ear infection are problems that can happen to any diver regardless of their experience. It can become serious enough to stop one from diving. Solution? The IST ProEar Mask is manufactured to the highest standard and only the best available materials are used. It is designed to counter the most of the unavoidable effects pressure and water have on the ears so you can have more enjoyment underwater. The Skirt is made from the best grade of hypoallergenic silicone, the skirt is soft and automatically conforms to a wide range of facial profiles. The Strap is mounted on swivel buckles, the silicone strap with its large contact surface secures the mask to the wearer.

The soft silicone Ear Covers forms a water tight seal between the ear drum and the cover. The pressure buffer created has the same pressure as your nasal cavity mask when air exhaled through the nose is introduced through the Equalization Tubes. Therefore the pressure experienced in your middle ear and outer ear is the same and the "squeeze" from the ambient will be significantly reduced. Other benefits by keeping the ears sealed include reduced chance of an ear infection from water, improved sense of direction and warmth retention. With one-way valve placed inside each equalization tube, air is allowed to travel from the mask to the ear covers for pressure equalization and water clearance while stopping water from flooding the mask in the unlikely event of flooded Ear Covers.


  • Prevents pressure induced ear ache.
  • Enhanced underwater hearing and sense of direction.
  • Stops dirty / polluted water from entering the ear causing infection.
  • Excellent for snorkeling as well as diving.  Fits Medium to Large faces.
  • Improves diver comfort and prevents painful ear problems.
  • Improves hearing and sense of direction underwater.
  • Simplifies equalization of pressures while diving.
  • Perfect for cold water diving.
  • Perfect for use in any environment where you wouldn't want the water to enter your ear canals.


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Question asked
on 11/8/2010
I am interested in buying. Are these masks are different sizes? I'm using oceanic shadow, and is good for me. Does this mask will be the same size? Can you write a little lower price on the bill. I will have to pay tax. If the price is less than the tax will be less Greets Mariusz
Answer by Bill
on 11/8/2010
Hello yes if the shadow fits you today then this one should work fine. That said simply place an order and in the notes write in your customs request.
Question asked
on 9/13/2013
how well does this mask keep water out, i need to have my ears completely dry. please help
Answer by Bill
on 9/14/2013
Hello, This mask does just that, no water in your ears and you can still equalize easily.
Question asked
on 5/10/2017
Can I get these in prescription?
Answer by Bill
on 5/11/2017
Hi There, On these masks you can have a custom grind prescription done or off the shelf negative correction lenses as well. Hope this helps, Instructor Bill 1-866-728-2293
Question asked
on 2/13/2018
Do you have these in stock at your location? Available for pick-up?
Answer by chris
on 2/14/2018
Thanks for your email. I do not have one in stock but if you place your order today, we can have it in our shop by Friday for pick up. I do have the ME80 in black or blue available for pick up today. If you have any other questions, please let us know.
Question asked
on 4/12/2018
Hi, I have a smaller framed face and use a junior sized mask. The main reason is the sides of the mask on the outside of my mask by my hairline always leaks with regular sized masks. I have been having ear problems for years and have been working with a DAN ENT. I think this would help but worried about the size.
Answer by chris
on 4/13/2018
Hi, Thanks for your email. I think the frame of the mask will fit your face, as the mask seems to run a little small, in my opinion. The ear covers will definitely help you with your ear problems. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks Divemaster Chris
Question asked
on 4/26/2020
Do these mask come with a polarized lense option for clearer underwater viewing?
Answer by chris
on 4/27/2020
Hi, Thanks for your question. The Pro ear masks do not have polarized lenses. Thanks Divemaster Chris 866-728-2293
Question asked
on 1/18/2021
Hello, does this mask come in sizes or child's size?
Answer by chris
on 1/18/2021
Hi, Thanks for your question. The mask come in only one size. If you need a kids version of this mask, here is the link Thanks Divemaster Chris 866-728-2293
Question asked
on 1/14/2022
I'm looking for the Anti-fog version of the ME55 Pro Ear mask, do you carry that?
Answer by Bill
on 1/17/2022
Hello, Yes we sell these: Hope this helps, Happy Diving, Instructor Bill OnlineScuba Established 1996 1 866 728 2293
Question asked
on 8/5/2022
what size is this mask? I have a small face and head and need to know its not going to fall off.
Answer by Bill
on 8/5/2022
Hello, The ME55 is medium to small faces and they do make a childrens mask as well that may interest you. Hope this helps, Happy Diving, Instructor Bill OnlineScuba Established 1996 1 866 728 2293
Question asked
on 8/11/2022
Can you order the mask with prescription for near-sighted eyes? The manufactory (1st Proear Corp) says so, and told me that you can do it. I did not find this option from your webside.
Answer by amber
on 8/11/2022
Hello, Yes, we can do that. Send us a copy of your prescription in an email and I will get you a quote for pricing. Happy Diving, Amber 1-866-728-2293 OnlineScuba Since 1996