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Once you choose the corrective lens ready mask that you are looking at then choose your Corrective Lenses available in place of regular lenses for select 2 window and 4 window models as noted in the descriptions. Diopter from -1.0 through -8.0 in whole and .5 increments. Please select your mask style and then write in your Left and choose lens requirements in whole or 1/2 numbers (example Left 3.5 Right 5.0). You can write any additional comments or special instructions in the inscription area. These are Special Order Lenses and cannot be returned. (Does Not Include Mask)


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Question asked
on 6/30/2010
I am looking for corrective lens and a new scuba mask. How do I know if bifocal lens are worth the extra cost? Prescription: R: -4.00 -0.25 035 +2.25 (add) L: -3.00 -0.50 098 +2.25 (add) PO= 66
Answer by scuba
on 7/1/2010
If you need the bifocals for gauge reading then it would be worth the cost. Your correction is fairly high so you could use it, but if you are simply looking for a mask for snorkeling or scuba diving then you should be ok with out the bifocal corrections. Also water magnifies by 25% so that may be an option as well for you. Please advise and I hope I have helped. Happy Diving,
Question asked
on 2/17/2011
Can you do bifocals? How much?
Answer by caitlyn
on 2/17/2011
The only manufacturer that has an off the shelf bifocal is Seadive (also known as sea venture) Otherwise that is a custom grind lens that can be found here
Question asked
on 6/8/2011
I have an old Cometpro Sporasub mask, are you able to supply corrective lenses for this mask?
Answer by Bill
on 6/8/2011
Hey There, As far as off the shelf lenses go I am afraid that we cannot get them any longer. So, not no rather maybe, if you can find a supplier that still has the lenses. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 6/9/2011
Re: Prescriptive lens Do we use the "Sphere" or "Cylinder" readings? Also if a -3.75 reading, do we choose -3.5 or -4.0?
Answer by Bill
on 6/9/2011
Hello, not being an optometrist I would suggest that you fax us your prescription and we will have them looked over and the appropriate version chosen for you. Keep in mind that astigmatism does affect the vision as well water column magnification.
Question asked
on 8/29/2011
I was going to buy these lenses for my tusa powerview 2 mask ...are they fairly easy to install on my own or will i need to take it to a dive shop? thanks.
Answer by Bill
on 8/30/2011
Hi There, Lenses can be installed by you as long as you are careful about popping out the lens holders. What I mean is that it does entail some skill but as long a you carefully do it folks have had no problems. I will say that corrections -7 or thicker tend to be a bit of a challenge. If needed you can send the mask to us and we can do it for no extra charge. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 6/12/2012
I want the standard bifocal +2 left and +2 right . I do not see where to specify this. thank you
Answer by Bill
on 6/16/2012
Hello, These are standard negative corrections, we sell one mask that comes with bifocal corrections:
Question asked
on 8/19/2014
Hello. I have a large head and was seeking your recommendation on a dive mask, one capable of being fitted with corrective lenses. Thanks in advance for your advice.
Answer by DeAnna
on 8/21/2014
HI, So we can future discuss how to assist you a phone call would be best. 1-866-728-2293.


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