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To your owner/CEO/manager, Having been an employer/owner for 25+ years, I strongly believe a company is only as good as those who represent it and how they present themselves to the public who support the company. I have had multiple conversations over the past three days with a young lady named Ivy. Although I have never had dealings with your company before, I most certainly will in the future and that would mainly be because of the personal service I received from Ivy. I rarely send letters to employers but I feel you in charge need to know you have a real gem of an employee. I thank you for having her on your team and I cannot thank her enough for all of her excellent treatment and service in assisting me through my ordering process.
pagosa springs, colorado, usa

Thanks. The personal attention and information was excellent. I tried the jacket in the pool last night. Very effective coverage and the jacket completely met my goal to stay comfy in chilly water.
Medford Lakes, New Jersey, USA

PACKAGE ARRIVED...5 hours after it was supposedly "delivered" disregard my email requesting a re-order. Am leaving you guys positive feedback on, happy to do business with you
San Francisco, CA, United States

No problem. My dive buddy and I were just getting different shorts to avoid grabbing the wrong one on the dive boat..(ewwwww;-) so we will to be big boys and see which blue shorts are who’s before we put em on…;-) Anyway please send the shorts in Colbalt that’s just fine. Thanks for the heads up!!! Tom
Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Phenomenal customer service! Thanks you for the excellent customer support; it was greatly appreciated. Item was shipped fast and perfectly as described. Thanks again.
San Diego, CA, United States

Crazy fast service. I had just purchased this product and 3 days later it had arrived at my door dive ready. Called their customer service and clarified some questions I had about this package.... By far one of the best services I have had in my diving experience. I already purchased another package with this company and will continue to do business with them.
Mesa, AZ, United States

I hadn't noticed I'd accidentally ordered a woman's size, I contacted the company via email a couple hours before the order went out to correct the problem. The sent me email to call them. I contacted them they helped change the order. They are nothing short of experienced and outstanding.
cambridge, ma, united states

Thank You so much for the quick service. The expected delivery was 3 days from now. It was a nice surprise. The shirt is awesome just like it was pictured.
Wrentham, MD, USA

Got the package today guys. Thank you for going the extra mile. This is a very rare concept. I will give you high marks to anybody who asks.
Buena Park, CA, USA

I was blown away by the customer service I received and will shop at Online Scuba in the future because of that. Within 24 hours of reporting the problem, I had a personal call from the owner, who made things 110% right, no questions asked. It was actually an amazing experience that I won't forget and it made me a customer for life. I can't say enough about the excellence of the customer service.
lake oswego, Oregon, United States

hey, bill, this cressi mesh fin bag is just right for my fins and my purspose! thanks lots! if everyone else in the world would provide services like OnlineScuba, i'd be golden; as it is i've lots of problems as a low income apartment renter. amazon doesn't fail me ever
Burlington, Vermont, USA

Hi I received the boots on time will definitely be doing future business!

La transacción fue excelente muchas Gracias-
Sunny Isles, Florida, USA

Online scuba went above and beyond getting me the gear I purchased. Everything was just as pictured and the staff was more than helpful. I would highly recommend purchasing from them!
Battlefield, MO, USA

Thank you so much! :) I will most certainly be doing business with you in the future
Laguna Niguel, CA, United States

If you want great prices and excellent customer service, then this is the company to go to. Was in Las Vegas and went to the warehouse, Brayden help my husband who is a paraplegic to find a wetsuit that would work best for his needs. Can not thank Brayden enough for his kindness and patience.
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA

Great product and seller. Although i returned the product since it did not fit the individual it was for, the OnlineScuba was easy to deal with and provided a great product at a very fair price. Will do business with again. Thanks!
Smithtown, New York, USA

Received my order before my trip today. Thank you for the quick delivery really appreciate the great customer service to ensure I received my order when needed.
North Smithfield, RI, USA

I just wanted to say how incredible your customer service is. I really appreciate all of your help, and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Glendale, AZ, USA

Thanks for the great customer service. Nice to talk to real people too. Fast, fast shipping and great prices. I'll be back for more.

I'm very impressed with the service I received from Online Scuba! The item I ordered arrived sooner than expected! Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong item so I returned it with a note explaining what I meant to order and they exchanged it and again shipped it very promptly. I would have to say their customer service deserves a "wow"! I would definitely shop with Online Scuba again.
Fort Madison, Iowa, United States

Thank you so much for the update and the best customer service I have ever had from a company I have ever ordered from.

Jamie from Online scuba contacted me when I emailed the request for return because the storage box's bottom was cracked, therefore it was unusable. She sent out a replacement box immediately, I received it in 2 days and everything is great now. Thank you.
Machesmy, Pennysylvania, United States

You guys are nuts. Lol. As a small business owner myself I always go the extra for my customers and people and companies like you are all too rare. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Newdrone, WA, United States

These guys are so helpful! I got a suit and realized it wasn't going to fit (I got big hips), and they helped me find one that fits perfectly. After going to 4 shops in Vegas to find a wetsuit! Online scuba has found a new customer! Thanks again!
Alexis Stokes
Lafayette, Louisiana

Most helpful Dive shop and reps. I am in Asia and delivery always early, never after date of expected delivery. If I can get this type of service in Asia from Online Scuba, then your experience will be a breath of fresh air and no worries. Diving Instructor, owned and operated. He does not tell you to buy the most expensive item in his shop listens your experience,/needs: gives you expert recom
Willow Springs, NC, United States

Thank you for this follow-up Jamie. Great customer service! Billy
Del Ray Beach, Florida, United States

Good deal, that means that they will be here on time for sunday's trip with the boys. We are going to Key Largo to hunt for lubster , hog fish and snappers. Thanks for the help. You guys are great. Im sure next week I will be back on the site getting a knife and other things that I find out that I will need. You guys are great
Miami, Florida, United States

Hi Jamie, I did receive the jacket this morning, and it fills perfectly. A big thank you for your excellent customer service. Best regards Julien
Paris, France, France

Jamie, thank you so much! I appreciate your dedication to my order!
Atlanta, GA, United States

Hello Sir/Ma'am, I just wanted to let you know that I received my item today in the mail. I appreciate you mailing the item to an APO address. It is getting harder to find online venders who will ship to a APO address.
apo, apo, usa

You're incredible. Thank you for working on this for me. Just trying has meant the world to me. Thank you
Mapleton, UT, USA

Thank you for your awesome customer service. I am thrilled and am awaiting my hubby's size 12 boots to arrive. Will let you know the outcome!!!
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

The seller contacted me upon receiving my order. This mask has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Online Scuba was able to recommend a better mask for a few dollars more and deliver it within days of my original order. Very friendly, knowledgeable customer service reps.
Glixsburgh, Mississippi, USA

they just brought it to me ! hahahah hey you are pretty good at this ! you are up late... do not worry, I have greatest confidence and trust in you and your shop. : ) I repacked it for mailing to Philippines. I hope to mail it in couple hours out to PH. Thank you, again. cheers,
Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan the vest today..........and it is a PERFECT fit.................thanks for your input and advice on the sizing.
Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Suit arrived today in good shape. A little tight but right length. Thanks for all your help.
John Creek, GA, United States

Dear Bill, Thank you for prompt help! We just received the product today. Have a great weekend, Tae
Waialua, Hawaii, United States

Best price available on quality neoprene rubber cement. Service was perfect. Sale took place without a hitch. How can you go wrong? OnlineScuba: Thanks Frank!!
Yucca Valley, california, usa

OK, that is great news! Thank you. Hopefully it will fit!! Thanks for the personal attention--I appreciate it. Jennifer
Morgan Hill, California, USA

Hello Cizon, I received my wetsuit today, and it fits well. Thank you for all your help.
Spring, Texas, USA

Thank you Mark. Everyone makes mistakes. It's how a company handles the mistakes that shows whether or not they actually care about customer service. Thank you for resolving this quickly. I look forward to seeing the new one shortly.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Dear Cizon, Thank you very much for checking with Xcel about the pink vs silver logo. I appreciate the effort you put into satisfying your customer. I will keep the wetsuit jacket with the pink logo. I will definitely be in style with current trends. I appreciate the 15% discount that you have offered. Please let others know, that your initiative, concern, and resolutions were greatly appreciated. In the future, I will feel confident buying from OnlineScuba. Best wishes for the new year.
Parker , CO, USA

I called your toll free number and he was very helpful and took care of the problem quickly. Thank you very much,
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

You folks do a very nice job for the customer (ME)and I wanted to let you know on Xmas Eve and I thank You all. John
John S
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Thank you! I'm sure I'll be ordering more closer to spring.
Pomona, CA, United States

Just received the Ikelite Filter and it fits beautifully on the lens! So grateful that you were able to accommodate my overnight shipping request. Merry Christmas and thank you again for the heroic measures. My daughter will be so happy.
Ashburn, VA, USA

Thank you so much for calling this morning. Not only was your website easy to use, you were able to complete my order and do a substituted in a timely manner. It was an excellent experience and I'll be returning to your website for future purchases!
Baltimore, MD, USA

Thank you bill, I received the gauge today perfect fit. Greatly appreciate your quick response. Will do business with your company in the future. Thanks again Sent from my iPhone
San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

What a nice company ! Thank you. Sent from my iPhone
Newport News, Virginia, USA


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