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Good deal, that means that they will be here on time for sunday's trip with the boys. We are going to Key Largo to hunt for lubster , hog fish and snappers. Thanks for the help. You guys are great. Im sure next week I will be back on the site getting a knife and other things that I find out that I will need. You guys are great
Miami, Florida, United States

Hi Jamie, I did receive the jacket this morning, and it fills perfectly. A big thank you for your excellent customer service. Best regards Julien
Paris, France, France

Jamie, thank you so much! I appreciate your dedication to my order!
Atlanta, GA, United States

Hello Sir/Ma'am, I just wanted to let you know that I received my item today in the mail. I appreciate you mailing the item to an APO address. It is getting harder to find online venders who will ship to a APO address.
apo, apo, usa

You're incredible. Thank you for working on this for me. Just trying has meant the world to me. Thank you
Mapleton, UT, USA

Thank you for your awesome customer service. I am thrilled and am awaiting my hubby's size 12 boots to arrive. Will let you know the outcome!!!
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

The seller contacted me upon receiving my order. This mask has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Online Scuba was able to recommend a better mask for a few dollars more and deliver it within days of my original order. Very friendly, knowledgeable customer service reps.
Glixsburgh, Mississippi, USA

they just brought it to me ! hahahah hey you are pretty good at this ! you are up late... do not worry, I have greatest confidence and trust in you and your shop. : ) I repacked it for mailing to Philippines. I hope to mail it in couple hours out to PH. Thank you, again. cheers,
Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan the vest today..........and it is a PERFECT fit.................thanks for your input and advice on the sizing.
Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Suit arrived today in good shape. A little tight but right length. Thanks for all your help.
John Creek, GA, United States

Dear Bill, Thank you for prompt help! We just received the product today. Have a great weekend, Tae
Waialua, Hawaii, United States

Best price available on quality neoprene rubber cement. Service was perfect. Sale took place without a hitch. How can you go wrong? OnlineScuba: Thanks Frank!!
Yucca Valley, california, usa

OK, that is great news! Thank you. Hopefully it will fit!! Thanks for the personal attention--I appreciate it. Jennifer
Morgan Hill, California, USA

Hello Cizon, I received my wetsuit today, and it fits well. Thank you for all your help.
Spring, Texas, USA

Thank you Mark. Everyone makes mistakes. It's how a company handles the mistakes that shows whether or not they actually care about customer service. Thank you for resolving this quickly. I look forward to seeing the new one shortly.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Dear Cizon, Thank you very much for checking with Xcel about the pink vs silver logo. I appreciate the effort you put into satisfying your customer. I will keep the wetsuit jacket with the pink logo. I will definitely be in style with current trends. I appreciate the 15% discount that you have offered. Please let others know, that your initiative, concern, and resolutions were greatly appreciated. In the future, I will feel confident buying from OnlineScuba. Best wishes for the new year.
Parker , CO, USA

I called your toll free number and he was very helpful and took care of the problem quickly. Thank you very much,
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

You folks do a very nice job for the customer (ME)and I wanted to let you know on Xmas Eve and I thank You all. John
John S
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Thank you! I'm sure I'll be ordering more closer to spring.
Pomona, CA, United States

Just received the Ikelite Filter and it fits beautifully on the lens! So grateful that you were able to accommodate my overnight shipping request. Merry Christmas and thank you again for the heroic measures. My daughter will be so happy.
Ashburn, VA, USA

Thank you so much for calling this morning. Not only was your website easy to use, you were able to complete my order and do a substituted in a timely manner. It was an excellent experience and I'll be returning to your website for future purchases!
Baltimore, MD, USA

Thank you bill, I received the gauge today perfect fit. Greatly appreciate your quick response. Will do business with your company in the future. Thanks again Sent from my iPhone
San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

What a nice company ! Thank you. Sent from my iPhone
Newport News, Virginia, USA

The mask reach me just in time. i uses it at my trip and it was fantastic. Thank you very much!
Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Item arrived. Very happy with the product and your efficiency Regards

Hi Bill, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know I got everything in time for the trip - I gave you a call earlier today, but you were out of the office. Anyway, you are great! I really appreciate you following up with me on the details, making the changes, and really making this happen for me. This is absolutely the best customer service I have experienced in a long time. Will definitely do business again. Thanks.
berkeley, ca, united states

Hi Bill, Thanks for explaining everything to me so that I don’t need to be concerned! Also, thanks for the great service! You just earned yourself a happy and future customer. Many business people could learn from you. Have a great weekend! Jerry
Bellingham, Washington, USA

Bill literally bent over backwards and went out of his way to make sure I received my purchase on time. I'm very pleased with Online Scuba will they be getting all of my business in the future. Thanks!
Cypris, Texas, USA

Thanks for the email, great service. The challenge I have is the cost of postage to Australia, relative to the price of the goods. Unfortunately, I do not see that this can change – you still need to make money ;)
Melbourne, Aus, Austrailia

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REPLACEMENT STRAP! We got it in the mail today & I have a very happy boy that can now use his flippers in the pool! Thank you again for such a prompt replacement of the broken strap! You guys do an awesome business & know how to keep customers a #1 priority!! -If you have any site that you have written reviews about your company, I would be more than happy to write a very positive review for you! I cannot thank you enough! Best Regards, Jessica
Baltimore, MD, USA

Thanks Bill. I should have called vs. sending an email that I wanted to cancel the order. I greatly appreciate you going to shipping and pulling the order plus leaving me a phone message. Should I need fins or any other type of scuba equipment in the future - I will be sure to come back to Online Scuba. The customer service has been wonderful ! Thanks again ! Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend !
Marietta, Georgia, USA

You guys are the best....thanks for getting a good one out to me as quick as you did. I will forever be a customer of online scuba. It will be the first place I will check for scuba items I need to purchase. Thank you...
Fort Mojave, AZ, USA

Thank you for informing me of the order being shipped. I am really excited about this wet suit. I slogged through so many different stores for wetsuits and was unimpressed by many of the brands, styles and functions of wet suits until I cam across your company. I will be making future orders with you in 5mm and 7mm when the need for them comes closer.
Lynwood, Washington, USA

I want to thank you, (especially Bill) for your excellent customer service! Unfortunately this LT suit is to tight on my arms and upper chest. The alternate XL that you sent works great. Thanks so much for your help.
new york, new york, usa

Bill, Cizon and Kayla, I was finally able to get home from work and check out my new stuff and I wanted to say THANK YOU! I love everything. You guys have been nothing but wonderful!!
Redmond, Washington, USA

Delivery came Friday, awesome delivery times and of course service with this purchase. Thank you so much
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

I got my wetsuit today, and I love it! I was worried it might be small but it is perfect. Thank you for following up on my order thru Amazon. Should I need more scuba stuff I will look you guys up again! :-)
Farmington, UT, USA

I received the item and it fits perfectly. Thank you!
Sumas, Washington, USA

Re: Your order has shipped from OnlineScuba Hello, I would like to send this e-mail just to thank you for your good treatment .

As much as I like these fins, i ordered the wrong size and blue was not my favorite color. I would love to get the gray ones and you unfortunately you do not have them in stock. I just wanted to let you know that I have been very satisfied with Onlinescuba. Both times I spoke to customer service, they were very friendly and helpful. Thank you and I will be ordering from you again.
Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA

thank you, u all are great, i will update my comments and will be doing tons more business with u all soon! thanks again Diane Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Thanks for the attention on my order. You guys really understand customer focus. The phone call today was over the top. I will order from you guys again.
Richland, WA, USA

Package arrived yesterday…thanks again for all your effort to get it here before we leave on our trip!!!
Tucson, AZ, USA

You answered the phone when I called. Sent a personal, proactive email when you had a question about the order. We run our business the same way, so it's probably a bigger deal to me than most. A breadth of fresh air! Much appreciated! Thanks, Brendan Benecchi
Brendan Benecchi

I am so very pleased to have found your website. Your customer service is excellent! In addition, my order arrived so unbelievably quick, that I didn't even think it was my order until I opened the box! I appreciate how Bill calls me to communicate any issues with my order and offer a good solution, or easy fix for me. I appreciate that. Thank you for the great customer service!!

I received the straps on Saturday and they fit perfectly. Also wanted to thank you for your help and terrific customer support. I look forward to buying more gear from you in the future.

This mask if very flexible and soft outer silicone so it fits a smaller face perfectly. You don't have to worry, trust me it will fit you. Absolutely no leaking. I've owned many masks from many companies and always have trouble either when SCUBA diving or even snorkeling. It's very disconcerting when there is water in your mask. They all leaked from a little to a lot. A dive master in the BVIs used this sub gear Sprite and we all borrowed hers to much success. All three of us came home and bought the mask. We have found it to be perfect for either snorkeling or SCUBA
Sandy Peck
huntington beach, CA, US

Thank you for offering a service for our active duty and veterans. We appreciate it. SCUBA is therapy for me and the more I can do it - the better I can handle my PTSD and my injuries/disabilities. Things like this make it easier to raise my two little girls and show them how to overcome obstacles in life. Thanks again!

I received both items today. The wetsuit fits well. I am glad you recommended a medium large rather than medium tall. Thanks for your help.
Greer, AZ, USA

I was so impressed because a sales person called me and said she wasn't sure she could get this color any more and wanted to have a back up color. But in the end she did get the Purple one which I hadn't found anywhere else! So Thanks!
Buffalo, MT, USA


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