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Should I Buy Or Rent My Scuba Diving Gear? (1051 views)
Owning and maintaining your own scuba gear is recommended because doing so provides security and knowledge that all your scuba gear functions and performs to fit you. Top reasons why you should own your scuba gear: Hygiene Confidence and Assurance ...
Regulator Maintenance (1178 views)
After each day of diving, your regulator must be cleaned, inspected and prepared for the next use or for storage. As soon as the regulator is removed from the scuba cylinder, reinstall the dust cap over the regulator inlet port. The cap is attached ...
Just Purchased A Scuba Mask? Read This Before Your First Use! (1877 views)
Almost all scuba diving gear requires some preparation before it can be used. When you bring home your scuba mask, you will notice an oily film on the lens of your mask and sometimes on the strap of your mask. Most manufacturers rub a light oil onto ...
Why Gauges Are Important To Scuba Diving (2070 views)
A diver relies on scuba gauges to know three things: Depth Air Consumption Time Depth and Time are vital for nitrogen and air management. A scuba diver needs to know how deep s/he has been, and for how long, in order to judge the necessity and len...
What Is SCUBA? (1018 views)
Self  Contained  Underwater  Breathing  Apparatus Scuba is an apparatus (often called "scuba gear", "scuba system") utilizing a portable supply of compressed gas supplied at a regulated pressure and used for breathing while swimm...
Different Types Of Scuba Diving (1040 views)
The most common kinds of diving are: Open Water Diving Wreck Diving Cave Diving Rescue Diving Drift Diving Night Diving Deep Diving Ice Diving River Diving High Altitude Diving Kayak Diving Professional & Industrial Diving
Open Water Diving (1008 views)
Open Water Diving is the first level of certification, and is the most common type of diving you will attempt as a certified recreational diver. Open water scuba diving typically involves an experience in a large body of water such as an ocean, sea o...
Wreck Diving (972 views)
Wreck Diving is a dive targeted at visiting a sunken vessel. Open Water certified divers on a wreck dive may visit wrecks, explore the hull, peer inside and explore the exterior. Wrecks often act as man-made reefs, and are home to an abundance of fis...
Drift Diving (940 views)
Drift Diving is a very relaxed form of scuba diving. The diver allows the currents of the water to carry the diver away on his/her adventure. Moreover, the scuba diver exerts a minimum expenditure of energy this way, allowing him to stay underwater f...
Night Diving (1047 views)
Night Diving involves the exploration of bodies of water under the dark cloak of nighttime. Underwater torches are used to aid the scuba diver in seeing through the murky darkness. In fact, some avid night divers consider the total darkness of the de...


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