Wreck Diving

By Bill

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Wreck Diving is a dive targeted at visiting a sunken vessel. Open Water certified divers on a wreck dive may visit wrecks, explore the hull, peer inside and explore the exterior. Wrecks often act as man-made reefs, and are home to an abundance of fish who seek it for shelter from predators, so wrecks are often an ideal place to see unusual or elusive species of marine life.

Open water certified divers do not penetrate the vessel. Penetration - entering enclosed spaces within the vessel - is potentially dangerous and should not be attempted. All enclosed underwater spaces have potential danger, but wrecks especially so, since the structures can often be brittle, imbalanced or unstable, with poor visibility. Special wreck diver training is available for divers interested in entering and exploring wrecks.

Last Updated: 1/27/2012

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