Earn 10% Cash or Credit with the OnlineScuba Affiliate Program

We are happy to announce our new affiliate program. While we sell direct to the public via our web site, qualified candidates can now earn 10% for every sale over $50 that we track from your members or directly from you.

Who should join the affiliate program? Instructors who need gear but do not have a shop to deal with. Scuba Clubs, Dive Organizations, University Programs, School Groups, etc. who want an incentive for having Club Members make purchases. This affiliate program is quite simple as you can offer your members an instant 10% off or accumulate 10% credit of purchases made by members.

Many organizations use the credit for club purchases such as door prizes, even raffles or scuba gear for club members' use. We can do both if you choose.

1.) Your members will receive 10% off all orders over $50 or more on approved items.
2.) For every purchase made by your members, your Club will earn credit toward future purchases.

We will issue a "coupon code" that will automatically calculate 10% off or register that the purchase was made by a member. If you choose the "Credit" method, then we will issue a coupon code once a month that will total the 10% off of purchases made by club members.

Simply send us the requested information, (or at least most of it) and we will contact you for more information.

OnlineScuba Affiliate Information: is owned and operated by Corazones, Inc. located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The procedures for our affiliate accounts are confidential and are not shared or discussed until an account has been established. All of these details are available after that point.

First you will need to send us an e-mail with the following information. Make certain to include your complete company profile and most importantly - a valid email address. This is how you will receive our reply. Please fill out the form below as completely as possible. This will allow us to quickly get your account set up.

Affiliate Registration

Registered affiliates can obtain credit for referring customers to the store. We can automatically calculate the amount of commission earned for a particular month, based on the rates configured for the affiliate. Registered affiliates can also view a report on their sales. To register as an affiliate, fill out all required fields on the form below and submit.

Affiliate Name: *  
Company Name:  

*We realize that some persons have special circumstances - and we will make accommodations BUT we need proof that the items will be sold legitimately as per our affiliate requirements. If you are not certain if you qualify please complete the form in its entirety and add any comments in the space provided.

Once your account has been approved (usually a few hours but it could take up to 48 hours or more on weekends and holidays) you will receive an email stating that your account is activated. This email will contain all the information needed to activate your account.

*IMPORTANT - WE DO NOT PRINT A CATALOG - If you want pricing we need to complete the WHOLESALE APPLICATION and establish your account. Then you will have access to the wholesale web site and pricing.

If you have questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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