Lake Mojave Dive Sites

By Bill

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Black Canyon

Moderate to swift water, usually good visibility, water temperature 52-55°F all year, steady boat traffic, excellent current drift diving conditions. Access by boat.

Ringbolt Rapids

Advanced divers only. Swift and turbulent water for about 100 yards, visibility usually only fair due to turbulence and bubbles, 50-70 foot depression at base of rapids. NOTE: Hand-held buddy line and surface support boat essential. Boulders and rock formations may pose a hazard along canyon walls. Access by boat. The high water flows and boulders along with other obstructions make Ringbolt Rapids a potentially hazardous dive along the Nevada side. AVOID THE NEVADA SIDE.

Work Barge

Located 4.25 miles below Hoover Dam on the Arizona side. The 38 foot tow barge was used on the spillway tunnel repair project and sank in 1946. It is located in about 25-35 feet of water in moderate to swift current. The barge is protected under the Antiquities Act, therefore nothing may be removed or damaged. Access by boat.

Cabinsite Point (north of Katherine Landing)

Vessels prohibited. Two boat wrecks. Access by vehicle.

Last Updated: 2/2/2012

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