American Express AMEX Payment Verification

By Bill

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We routinely use a service from American Express called Charge Verification. We especially utilize this service when we have transactions out of the country but also use for US orders. With fraudulent transactions on the rise, it is rather prudent for us to utilize the offerings that AMEX provides to help verify the actual cardholder is the one placing the order. The process with AMEX goes like this.
  1. We charge the card and then call the American Express Charge Verification Department.
  2. American Express contacts the card holder via the phone number(s) on file to verify that an order been placed, and the total charge amount.
  3. We are then contacted by American Express and told that the transaction is legitimate.
  4. We ship your order. Usually this process takes less than a day.

Last Updated: 1/25/2012

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