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Luxfer Limited 106 Cylinder with DIN valve

This is a Luxfer 4350 PSI Air Tank Wrapped Aluminum 105 Cubic Foot

This is a special cylinder manufactured by Luxfer. It is a composite cylinder manufactured of both aluminum and fiberglass. It starts out as a standard scuba 80 cu ft cylinder. Hoop-wrapped fiberglass and resin is added to strengthen the side walls. This allows for an increased service pressure to 4350 psi and a capacity of 106 cubic feet. This cylinder falls under DOT Special Permit 12479. Requirements of SP12479 is a hydro re-test each three years and a fifteen year service life. The inlet to this cylinder is unlike most other scuba cylinders, utilizing 7/8" x 14 UNF threads (a smaller hole). The choice of valves is restricted to a 300 bar DIN valve with the correct 7/8" x 14 UNF threads. AIR SERVICE ONLY.


  • 7/8" - 14 UNF, Small hole
  • Requires a dedicated 300 bar DIN valve
  • Attachment of DIN first stages only


  • 4350 psi service pressure

  • 106 cu ft capacity

  • Hydro retest every three years
  • Remove from service at fifteen years

  • Check with the manufacturer of your regulator & pressure gauge to ensure they are compatible with 4350 psi

  • No permit for use
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XS Scuba is proud to be an exclusive Master Distributor for Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world's most respected manufacturer of aluminum high-pressure gas cylinders. We stock the broadest range of aluminum scuba cylinders available, including the high-pressure, hoop-wrapped composite cylinders.-We offer many sizes from the small 6 cu.ft. pony bottle to the large volume 100 cu.ft. diving cylinder. XS Scuba has grown to become the largest distributor of scuba diving cylinders in the U.S., and continues to provide cylinders to diving operators around the globe.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders XS Scuba exclusively distributes Luxfer SCUBA cylinders Stocking Master Distributor for the full-line of Luxfer SCUBA cylinders Luxfer is the world's first and largest manufacturer of aluminum cylinders Luxfer leads the diving industry in the development of new technologies Manufacturing Built from proprietary aluminum alloy 6061-T6, a balanced aluminum-magnesium-silicon blend exclusive to Luxfer Manufactured to meet all U.S. (DOT) and Canadian (TC) regulations Cycle-tested in excess of 100,000 cycles at service pressure Minimum burst pressure tested to 2.5 times service pressure without failure Exterior Finish Most Luxfer cylinders are painted with durable, premium-quality powder coatings Shot Blast and Brushed No Coat cylinders are not painted, making them ideal for rental, dive boats, etc. Aluminum is highly resistant to external corrosion Interior Finish Aluminum is highly resistant to internal corrosion Nitrox Ready Cleaned and sealed at the factory.

All cylinders built after January 1, 2005 are oxygen-clean from the factory Valves All Luxfer cylinders sold by XS Scuba include Thermo valves Standard inlet thread (3/4 in.-14 NPSM) allows upgrade to Thermo PRO valve.

The Thermo PRO valve has a convertible design, allowing for standard yoke or 230 bar DIN connections PRO valves are clean for pre-blended Nitrox up to 40% FO2 Description AL50 AL63 AL80 ALN80 AL100 ALW106 Model Luxfer 50 Luxfer 63 Luxfer 80 Neutral 80 Luxfer 100 Limited 106 Service Pressure 3000 psi 3000 psi 3000 psi 3300 psi 3300 psi 4350 psi True Capacity 48.4 cu ft 63.0 cu ft 77.4 cu ft 77.4 cu ft 98.8 cu ft 105.2 cu ft Buoyancy* FULL - 2.3 lbs. - 2.2 lbs. - 1.4 lbs. - 5.7 lbs. - 4.3 lbs. - 4.8 lbs. Buoyancy* HALF - 0.5 lbs. + 0.2 lbs. + 1.5 lbs. - 2.8 lbs. - 0.6 lbs. - 0.9 lbs. Buoyancy* 500 psi + 0.8 lbs. + 1.7 lbs. + 3.4 lbs. - 0.9 lbs. + 1.9 lbs. + 2.1 lbs. Weight EMPTY 21.2 lbs. 26.7 lbs. 31.4 lbs. 35.4 lbs. 41.0 lbs. 33.8 lbs. Outside Diameter 6.90 in. 7.25 in. 7.25 in. 7.25 in. 8.00 in. 7.39 in. Cylinder Length 19.0 in. 21.9 in. 26.1 in. 25.8 in. 26.2 in. 26.1 in. Valve Included VA100 VA100 VA100 VA200 VA200 VA378 Colors YL BK, BU, SB, YL BK, BNC, BU, GN, RD, SB, WH, YL BK, BNC, BU, YL BK, YL WH *in sea water with valve.


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Question asked
on 2/9/2020
Hi, i intend to use Luxfer Limited 106 with in a side mount configuration, can you supply a pair of these cylinders with the right and left valves proper for side mount use? Best regards, poletto
Answer by chris
on 2/10/2020
Hi, Thanks for your question. Yes, we can get you 2 tanks set up for side mount. When you place your order, you can add a note to the order letting us know that you want the valves for side mount. Thanks Divemaster Chris