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Drager Dolphin/Atlantis Student Manual and Workbook

You dive into the water and in an instant you are in a different world. Stress, noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life suddenly seem far away.

You become one with the silent world and are acutely aware of your senses. No noisy valves, no hissing air, no annoying air bubbles - nothing. Even the ordinarily shy inhabitants of the sea are hardly bothered by your presence. And you are free to enjoy the fascinating feeling of being an accepted guest. For the first time you can experience the silence of the silent world.

You are diving with a rebreather -the Dräger Dolphin. This semi-closed rebreather allows you to experience diving as never before. What is special about rebreather systems is that your exhaled gas is not released into the water as in conventional open circuit systems, but is purified and returned to the breathing circuit. As a result, you can enjoy your dive to the fullest - not only a longer dive, but also a completely undisturbed adventure.

The Dolphin uses Nitrox, in other words a nitrogen-oxygen mixture. Nitrox offers you a new range of diving. With Nitrox your breathing air contains less nitrogen, and you can stay down longer, because the non-decompression times have been increased. Say, you are diving up to a depth of 20 meters. Compared to a conventional non-decompression time dive with compressed air, Nitrox 50/50 enables you to stay under water more than 3 times as long.

How long you can dive, how often and how deep - with Dolphin this is all a question of the mixture. The variable oxygen-nitrogen mix ratio gives you enhanced capabilities. Extra training is essential though, to ensure that you learn how to take full advantage of these possibilities.


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