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Oceanic Vortex V-6 Full Foot Fins


The Vortex V6 is for the warm-water diver, snorkeler, or free-diver that wants maximum power generation, response, and acceleration out of every single turn. The V-6 is extremely lightweight, yet delivers greater speed and efficiency than most full foot fins.


  • Provides more speed and power than larger open-heel paddle fins with significantly less effort
  • Small size and light weight is ideal for travel
  • Evaprene composite material for increased performance and long life
  • Comfortable rubber foot pocket in a wide range of sizes

Approximate Sizing for fins as follow:

  • XS = Men 5-6, Women 6-7
  • Small = Men 6-7, Women 7-8
  • Medium =Men 7-8, Women 9-10
  • Large = Men 9-10, Womens 10-11
  • XL=Mens 11-12+


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by Ken Pounders
on 9/12/2016
from Lake Havasu City, AZ
Finally found my fins.
Just got back from our annual 2 week stay on St. John. Our vacation is non stop snorkeling. In years past by day 3 the top of my toes were always bleeding from rubbing on my fins. I have high arches so finding comfortable fins that can perform on long distant swims that include free diving has been a problem in the past. Not any more. The Vortex V-6 were effortless on long swims and performed well on diving. Just keep in mind if you buy these fins that you have to use a flutter kick when trucking along with these split fins and you will save a ton of energy and get there fast.
by New Diver
on 3/11/2009
from n
Split Fins at a Great Price
I bought these for the price but am surprised at how well they perform compared to my paddle fins which are like wearing two by fours on my feet.  Thanks Oceanic for making my new scuba diving experience enjoyable.
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Question asked
on 8/11/2010
how does the sizing run for these fins?
Answer by scuba
on 8/13/2010
Sizing is approximate but you can figure the following: XS (Men 4-5, Women 6-7), Small (Men 6-7, Women 8-9), Medium (Men 7-8, Women 9-10), Large (Men 9-10, Women 11-12), XL (Men 11/12, Women 13+)
Question asked
on 2/17/2011
What is the length of the Oceanic Vortex V6 fron heel to tip?
Answer by Bill
on 2/18/2011
Its 24 inches long – from heel to tip TIP is about 7-8 inches wide
Question asked
on 2/18/2012
Are the blades transparent, translucent or opaque?
Answer by Bill
on 2/20/2012
Hello, the blue ones are as pictured while the other colors are not that see through style of material.
Question asked
on 1/6/2013
I wear a size 10 1/2 mens wide shoe. I want to know which size Oceanic Vortex V-6 Full Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Full Foot Fins, Large or Extra Large.
Answer by Bill
on 1/7/2013
You should be large
Question asked
on 1/6/2013
If I order now, I need to know if it will be received by me before this coming Sunday, january 12.
Answer by seabree
on 1/8/2013
It depends on where you are located. If you were to order it today 1/8/2013 it will ship in on 1/11/2013. Depending on where you are located it would ship to you after 1/11/13. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to contact us
Question asked
on 6/12/2014
looking for a good mid range pair of fins/masks and snorkel for snorkeling...any brand /model suggestions
Answer by Bill
on 6/12/2014
Hello, The V6 fins are a midrange fin, the Cressi Plau is a good one as well. As for mask and snorkel it would depend on your preference. Please call us at 1-866-728-2293 or 703-897-5111 and we will see what we can do for you. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 7/8/2014
I need Oceanic Vortex V-6 Full Foot Split Fins, size men 6-7
Answer by Bill
on 7/9/2014
Hello and thanks for your inquiry, we are out of small at the moment and oceanic is in between manufacturers at the moment the most recent revision has been 9-15 for any to be available. Hope this helps. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 1/28/2015
Oceanic V6 fins. I take size 9 shoes. Should I go with the medium or large? Thanks! Dan
Answer by Bill
on 1/29/2015
Hi Dan, If you have a normal foot size I would go with Medium, if you have a wide foot or slightly bigger foot go with large. These are pretty much true to size so your call. If you want to measure your foot from the toe to the heel I can measure the foot pocket for you if needed also. Please advise. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 7/6/2015
I look to be falling right on the line between a medium and a large. wear a 9 1/2 most of the time..
Answer by jamie
on 7/8/2015
Hi Tommy, you should definitely go with a large. It us always better to go up a size than down whenever you are in doubt. If they are just a tad loose, you can always use a water sock to fill in any slight gaps there may be. Let me know if there is anything else you may need. Have a great day! Sincerely, Jamie Customer Service
Question asked
on 8/19/2015
Hello, I would like to purchase these fins, but am unsure as to the size. I am a female and wear size 7.5 shoes over all, sometimes I wear 8 for running shows, not sure why, but dress shoes/flippers I wear 7.5. My feet feel like a perfect medium in width, though lately some shoes feel wide/big, but by measurement, they are an exact medium. I will not be wearing anything under these, I live in FL. So what size would you recommend? In the sizes oceanic uses. 5-6, 7-8. Thank you so very much for your help in advance. It is very appreciated. Paulina
Answer by ivy
on 8/19/2015
Hello Paulina, Thank you for your question, based on the sizing chart you would be a Small = Men 6-7, Women 7-8. Hope this answers your question. Thank You, Ivy \Customer service
Question asked
on 9/1/2015
is Large -- size 11 - 12 -- or 45-46 European? What colors do you have in stock?
Answer by Bill
on 9/2/2015
Hello, the description breaks this down as follows: Approximate Sizing for fins as follow: XS = Men 5-6, Women 6-7 Small = Men 6-7, Women 7-8 Medium =Men 7-8, Women 9-10 Large = Men 9-10, Womens 10-11 XL=Mens 10-11+ Not sue on Euro sizes. As for stock we are pretty good in Yellow fins but more expected in October. Hope this helps, Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 12/4/2015
Hi, Will you please help me. I wear a size 8 in women's shoes. Sometimes I fit into a 7.5. Will you tell me what size I fins I should order.
Answer by wendy
on 12/4/2015
Hello, Full foot fins are not adjustable so you need to be dead on with the sizing. With that said fins are in Men's sizes I am a 7-8 in Women's shoes depending on the brand and if it's a sandal or pump. I wear a 6-7 in a Men's fin. If you purchase the open fins with the straps you have more flexibility with size as they are adjustable. But the same sizing rules apply. I hope this is helpful. Thanks, Wendy, Customer SOnlineScuba
Question asked
on 1/29/2016
I wear a womens size 71/2 would a mens small be the best size for me apparently my right foot is a size 7 the left is 71/2?
Answer by Bill
on 2/1/2016
Hello and thanks for your question. I would put you in a Small for sure and they have enough leeway where the foot sizing should be ok. Hope this helps!! Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 2/29/2016
I wear a size 9.5 mens and I have high arches. What size would I need? Would I be better off with open heel because of the arches?
Answer by Bill
on 3/1/2016
Hello, Good question. I would say that the high arches will not be a problem. Simply go with your size and the fin should fit well. Hope this helps, Thanks Instructor Bill
Question asked
on 12/22/2018
Not sure what size to order im a womens 8 1/2 seem to be in the middle of two sizes
Answer by chris
on 12/26/2018
Hi, Thanks for your email. I would recommend the size Medium, I think size small would be to tight. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks Divemaster Chris
Question asked
on 8/11/2020
oceanic vortex v-6 full foot mens size large any color please?
Answer by chris
on 8/13/2020
Hi, Thanks for your question. Sorry but the fin is discontinued. Thanks Divemaster Chris 866-728-2293 Onlinescuba