Lake Mead Dive Sites

By Bill

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Castle Cliffs-Gypsum Reef

Good drop-offs, large gypsum and sandstone rocks, variable visibility. Access by boat.

Kingman Wash

Gentle slope, good for novice divers, occasional heavy boat traffic, variable visibility. Access by boat.

Black Canyon

Sheer wall diving, depth 500 feet, usually good visibility. Access by boat.

Boulder Islands

Large cement tank used during construction of Hoover Dam to store water, located off tip of Big Boulder Island, variable visibility, often heavy boat traffic. Access by boat. Also, two 45 foot to 50 foot vessels have been placed on the bottom for fun and training (Tortaga and Cold Duck).

Dive Park (North Boulder Beach)

Just north of the designated swim beach, gentle slope to 70 foot depth, good training site, seasonally fair to good visibility. Access by vehicle or boat. Boat traffic restricted to dive support vessels. Also, five to ten vessels or other objects have been placed on the bottom for fun and training. Objects are marked with yellow buoys and range in depth from 30 feet to 70 feet.

Saddle Island

West side of Saddle Island (Boulder Harbor side) moderate drop-off, excellent area for freshwater clams in 40-60 feet of water, variable visibility. Access by boat preferable.

Wishing Well Cove-Boulder Canyon

Excellent location with steep drop-offs, narrow canyon, canyon bottom stair steps from 0-140 feet, usually good visibility. Access by boat.

Gypsum Reefs-Virgin Basin

Extensive white gypsum reef area with irregular underwater erosion forms, variable visibility. Note: outstanding eroded formations may present unstable overhangs. Access by boat.

Cathedral Cove

About 5 miles south of Echo Bay, protected water, usually good visibility, interesting underwater formations. Access by boat.

Last Updated: 2/2/2012

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