Zeagle 34Lb All Elastic Bladder
Reg. Price: $349.95
Our Price: $337.95

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Zeagle 34Lb All Elastic Bladder

Similar in style to the Stiletto BC's bladder assembly.

The All Elastic bladder has a separate elastic weave cover over a urethane inner bladder in place of a Cordura nylon cover with bungee cord retractors. This allows for both a sleek, streamlined design and means that you can simply replace the cover or inner bladder when it’s damaged instead of the entire bladder assembly.


  • 34lb lift
  • All elastic outer bladder cover with a separate inner bladder
  • Intended for open water diving
  • Left hand shoulder dump, two lower dump points
  • Fits onto almost all Zeagle BCs and metal backplates
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