Tilos Orion Dry Snorkel
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Tilos Orion Dry Snorkel

Anti Splash Top obstructs the entry of water from splashing into the tube, keeping it dry.

The crystal silicone mouthpiece material is soft to the touch and prevents premature discoloration and also reduces jaw fatigue. An architectual mouthpiece with ample bit and pre-curved design specially designed for maximum comfort. Designed to provide divers and snorkelers completely dry breathing, the dry top offer complete protection from water entry, even when submerged, ensuring 100% dry breathing. Purge Valve System allows the diver to clear water quickly from the snorkel with a simple blow.


  • Designed to provide completely dry breathing for both divers and snorkelers
  • Prompt clearing through bottom drain valve
  • Quick release adjustable snorkel keeper
  • Advanced quick release adjustable snorkel keeper
  • Ortho-ware silicone mouthpiece prevents jaw fatigue from extended period of use
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