TUSA Open Heel Sola Fins, 2 Window Mask, Snorkel, 5mm Boot Special
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The Special that won't last long! The TUSA liberator plus mask two window low profile that fits medium to small faces.
Imprex Hyperdry Snorkel The Imprex Hyperdry snorkel has a special angled chamber at the top of the snorkel that is offset from the main barrel. This unique chamber helps prevent water from entering the main barrel while you're snorkeling by simply deflecting incoming water. If water does get into the snorkel there's an underside purge valve that lets water drain out of the barrel without entering the air intake chamber of the mouthpiece.
Solla Fins The Solla fin blade is made of different materials. The outside ribs are made from stiff material and between the ribs is softer, more pliable material for effective water channeling. This combination of materials allows for even and stable channeling in any condition.

5mm Imprex Boot The DB-4000 5.0mm Imprex Dive boots feature super traction hard soles and an upper rubber protection layer designed to flex and mold with the shape of your foot. All the best TUSA has to offer at one low price! Take advantage now while it is still here! Sizes Small (Mens shoe size 5-7) Medium Large (mens shoe size 7-10) and XLarge (mens shoe size 11-14) Womens shoe sizes are approximately 2 sizes smaller than mens. Example: Womens size 8 would be Mens size 6. When buying Boots the approximate rule is Women please choose the next size down from your foot size when choosing booties. Example you are a womans 8.5 choose size 7 if you are a womans size 10 choose size 9. Men if you are a half size go larger not smaller.
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