Tusa Ceos Pro Two Window Mask
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TUSA Ceos Pro Two Window Mask

Features the revolutionary Freedom Technology delivering superior fit, comfort and performance.

The Ceos Pro is one of the first next generation TUSA Masks offering this innovative new technology combined with superior design, build quality, materials and frame construction. Freedom Model masks feature a dimpled skirt surface with varied silicone thicknesses and stability ridges in addition to a proprietary low-friction double feathered edge skirt surface on the fitting line.
The Ceos Pro also has UV and Anti-Reflective (A/R) treated Lenses. Increased exposure to UV light can damage the eyes especially in marine environments where reflectivity is high.

TUSA's UV Lens Treatment provides 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Blocking 100% of the ultraviolet spectrum (under 400nm) provides greater eye protection without sacrificing light transmission or vision. Standard glass lenses can reflect up to 15% of available light reducing vision underwater. TUSA's Anti-Reflective (A/R) Lens Treatment decreases internal and external reflected light. This reduction increases light transmission to 95% resulting in significantly enhanced color, clarity, contrast and better overall vision underwater.


  • Low profile low volume 2-window design
  • Equipped with Freedom Technology
  • CrystalView Optical Glass lenses
  • Anti-reflective and UV lens treatments
  • Skirt mounted Quick-Adjust Buckle System
  • Round-edge skirt for maximum fit and comfort
  • 3-D strap for ideal anatomical fit
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