Spare Air Xtreme 1.1 cu.ft. Sports Back Up Air Supply
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Spare Air Xtreme 1.1 cu.ft. Sports Back Up Air Supply Package

Only mini air system on the market with a proven design - over 200,000 systems sold since 1979, Tested and Approved by the US Navy. Unit comes empty and must be refilled. The Yoke Style Refill Adapter allows you to fill your SPARE AIR directly from any standard SCUBA tank.

Spare Air Extreme Features

  • Maximum Capcity: 1.1 cu. ft. / 31.15 liters
  • Length: 7.25" / 18.42 cm
  • Diamter: 2.25" / 5.71 cm
  • Maximum Pressure: 3000 psi / 200 bar
  • Weight (full): 1.23 lb / .58 kg
  • Surface Breaths*: 20 (*based on 1.6 liter breath size)
  • Water Volume: 12.7 cu. in. / .209 liters

Black Neoprene Vest Features

  • New vest easily straps on chest for hands-free breathing (PK models only)
  • One size fits all - completely adjustable
  • Perfect for kayaking, surfing, or any water sport where a few breaths are needed in an emergency

Features of the Yoke Scuba Tank Refill Adapter

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to travel with
  • Either fill empty SPARE AIR or top off air pressure to 3000 psi

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