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Econo Underwater 4.5 inch Writing Slate
SKU: 4354
(0 reviews)
Price: $5.95
This fully equipped no-nonsense slate is priced to sell. Includes brass split-ring with swivel clip ...
IST WR1 Underwater Writing Slate
(0 reviews)
Price: $12.75
Comes with a clip for convenience. Equipped with quick release buckle.
IST WR3 Multi Sided Underwater Slate
(0 reviews)
Price: $21.25
Unique slate with elastic hinge for more writing space without losing compactness. Can be attached t...
Mares Underwater Writing Slate
SKU: MAR415719
(0 reviews)
Price: $10.95
Underwater slate comes with tethered pencil. Attaches to BCD with quick release clip. Blank on both ...
Scuba Max Underwater 3 Page Glow-In-The-Dark Wrist Slate
SKU: 4733B
(0 reviews)
Price: $18.89
ScubaMax's 3 pages dive slate with a glow in the dark feature for night dives with extra pencil and ...
XTEC by ScubaPro Waterproof Wet Notes Notepad
SKU: SCU4507000
(0 reviews)
Price: $35.00
Convenient pocket-sized underwater notebook. Plastic-material pages with dedicated pencil. Elastic b...
Tilos 3-Layer Wrist Slate
(0 reviews)
Price: $15.95
3 Multi-levels. Packaged with extra pencil and o-rings.
Trident Deluxe Underwater Writing Dive Wrist Slate
SKU: 4733
(0 reviews)
Price: $17.95
Deluxe Wrist mount dive slate with flip up easy to read slates. You can put your dive plan on the bo...
Trident Instructor Size Underwater Writing Dive Slates 8" x 10"
SKU: 4432C
(0 reviews)
Price: $8.95
8" x 10" Wrist Slate. Comes with a pencil and holder. Great for communicating those hard to understa...
Trident Large Size 6" x 8" Dive Slate
SKU: 4432B
(0 reviews)
Price: $8.95
6" x 8" Wrist Slate. Comes with a pencil and holder. Great for communicating those hard to understan...
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