ScubaPro Twin Valve Shotgun 2 Snorkel
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ScubaPro Twin Valve Shotgun 2 Snorkel

The Shotgun Snorkel has been around almost as long as ScubaPro itself.

This tried and true design has been serving the needs of Scuba and Snorkel Divers alike for many years. Continuously improved upon design has evolved to still be a great choice of Snorkel. The Patented Twin Purge Valve's and Chamber simplifies the process of Clearing-Water from the Snorkel Tube with Increased Efficiency over traditional Single Valve Snorkels.


  • SCUBAPRO's classic twin-barrel design for simplified purging.
  • Contoured shape for surface swimming with less drag.
  • Rotating clear silicone mouthpiece for easy positioning and prolonged comfort.
  • Quick-connect clip.
  • Patented purge chamber for effortless clearing.
  • Elliptical barrel shape.
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece.
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