Neosport Men's 1mm Neoprene Skin Wetsuit
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Neosport Men's 1mm Neoprene Skin Wetsuit

The same qualities that make neoprene a great wetsuit material also make it a great choice for thinner skin style garments.

At just 1mm thick, this full length jumpsuit gives divers the stretch and comfort of a quality neoprene along with its natural insulating ability. Available in physique enhancing cuts for both men and women, it has a heavy-duty #10 YKK back-zipper closure with pull tab leash for easy self-donning and includes foot stirrups for a secure fit. Excellent as a warm water garment, the Neo Skin is also well suited to layering under thicker suits.

Neo skin is an ultra thin 1mm nylon II neoprene jumpsuit that offers the best of both worlds: the warmth and durability of a full wetsuit combined with the comfort and flexibility of a dive skin. Foot stirrups prevent suit from riding up legs when worn as layering. Stirrups can easily be removed with scissors in the event they are not required. All seams are flat-lock stitched for comfort and spot taped at intersecting seams for durability.


  • Neo Sport 1mm Men's Neo Skin Jumpsuit
  • 1mm Nylon II Neoprene Material
  • Flat Lock Stitched Seams for Comfort
  • Spot Taped at Intersecting Seams for Durability
  • Heavy Duty #10YKK Back Zipper with Pull Tab Leash
  • Adjustable Collar: Inhibits Water Exchange at Neck
  • Tough Flexible Thermal Bonded Knee Pads
  • Ultra Versatile: Warmth and Durability of Full Wetsuit. Comfort and Flexibility Dive Skin. Wear as Standalone Suit in Warm Water. Us for Layering Under Thicker Suit for Added Warmth
  • Foot Stirrups: Prevent Suit Ride-Up when Worn as Layering
  • Stirrups: Easily Removed with Scissors if Not Required
  • Anatomical Cut Pattern
  • Lycra Trimmed Wrist and Ankle Seals
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