Henderson Mens 7/5mm Thermoprene Hooded Vest
SKU: 5820A53
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Price: $120.99
There’s no better way to boost warmth than to add a hooded vest to your exposure protection gear. We...
Pinnacle Mens 7mm  Escape Hooded Step In Vest
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Price: $199.95
The Escape Men's 7mm Hooded Step-In Jacket is an Extremely Versatile part of any Diver's Thermal Pro...
Bare Mens 7mm Elastek Step-In Hooded Vest
SKU: 6775E
(0 reviews)
Price: $219.95
A FULL-STRETCH vest that layers perfectly with a 7mm or 5mm full suit to provide additional warmth o...
BARE 7/5 mm Hooded Vest
SKU: BAR003169
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Price: $119.95
When a diver needs more thermal protection than their full suit can provide, this comfortable cost-e...
Waterproof Men's 3D Mesh Vest
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Price: $129.95
Super insulated Constant Volume VestIntroducing a new unique thermo Mesh Vest based on the Patented ...
Aqua Lung AquaFlex 6/5/3mm Men's Hooded Vest
SKU: AQU4060
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Price: $105.00
The AquaFlex Vests are a popular accessory to provide additional warmth to any of our jumpsuits. The...
Bare 7mm Sport Men's Step-in Jacket
SKU: BAR003168
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Price: $219.95
The budget-conscious FULL-STRETCH choice to layer with any 7mm or 5MM Full suit for extra warmth on ...
Henderson Aqua Lock Mens 7/5mm Hooded Vest
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Price: $221.99
Designed as part of the Aqua Lock system this Hooded Vest utilize the same construction techniques e...
ScubaPro Everflex 6/5mm Bibbed Hood
SKU: SCU67054
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Price: $59.00
Semi-Dry Head Warmers in a Choice of Styles. SCUBAPRO's semi-dry hoods deliver maximum warmth for th...