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Marsoops Floating Mask Strap Cover

The Mask Marsoop, will Float Almost Every Mask Made.

No more Hassles Looking for your Case or worrying about Sinking your Mask! The "Mask Marsoop" operates like a regular mask strap, but when you are finished making your dive the Strap can be turned into a protective mask case that floats!


  • Not only does the Mask Marsoop" Protect your Mask like the Pouch of a Kangaroo (a Marsupial), it also won't Pull-or-Tangle your Hair.
  • Made from Nylon ll Neoprene the Mask Strap Cover and Floating Mask Case has Taped and Sewn Edges for Strength and Durability.
  • Two Button Snaps" keep your Mask Securely Cushioned inside when Storing-the- Mask Strap Replaces the Masks Rubber Strap and Threads directly to the Masks Buckles with Velcro Fasteners.

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