Mares Pure Instinct Star Spearfishing Mask
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Mares Pure Instinct Star Spearfishing Mask

Star combines all the technological solutions available in modern masks on today’s market.

Geometry of the Star was developed to greatly reduce the distance between the lens and the eyes, working with the angle of the glass and the construction of the skirt nose. What’s more, it offers the best field of vision with the lowest possible volume. Compared to other masks in the sector, Star has also improved dual-lens stereoscopic vision with a greatly reduced space between the lenses above the nose. This allows for better vision and perception of distances.


  • Ergonomic buckles with double buttons make it very easy to adjust
  • Buckles are positioned directly on the skirt to improve comfort, especially for lengthy dives
  • Sturdy, lightweight frame sits close to the face, improving hydrodynamics

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