Mares Avanti Quatro Power Spearfishing Fins
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Mares Avanti Quatro Power Spearfishing Fins

The Mares Avanti Quattro Power is one of the most popular fins in use by underwater hockey players today.

The fin blade has one of the largest surface areas available in a full-foot fin. The more surface area there is means the more water that gets pushed with each kick.


  • While a larger fin blade does require strong legs to kick it, the Quattro Power fins are made from a very supple material that reduces kicking effort.
  • The term "Quattro" refers to the 4 rubberized channels that extend down the fin blade. As the fin meets resistance against the water when kicked, the channels flatten out providing even more blade surface area.
  • The foot pocket of this fin utilizes a very soft rubber that ultimately provides maximum comfort.
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