Mares Icon HD Transmitter Tank Module
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Mares Icon HD Transmitter Tank Module

Incredible Color, High Definition Dive.

Mares Icon Transmitter Tank Module works in conjunction with the Mares Icon HD wrist computer. Simply attaches to the 1st stage of your regulator and transmits your air/cylinder pressure to display on the Icon wrist unit. This cutting-edge device allows you to unleash a world of possibilities during your dive. Developed for dive computers with gas management, it uses two-way wireless technology when attached to the air tank for active communication with the wrist-mounted Icon HD Net Ready Dive Computer.

The transmitter sends your tank status to the Icon Net Ready computer, which will display detailed numerical information with intuitive color and understandable glance coding. Blue and green mean that the pressure exceeds that of the mid-pressure alarm; red means the pressure is lower than the reserve; orange and yellow represent intermediate values. The levels are determined by the user for maximum adaptability.


  • New firmware 4.0
  • Hoseless tank pressure transmission
  • Exclusive bi-directional communication
  • Displays tank pressure, time remaining and current gas consumption
  • Uses lithium batteries
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