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IST Top Grade All Silicone Free Diving Snorkel

Stylish Spare Spearfishing/Free Diving Snorkel with Lots of Features to Spare.

Made entirely of top grade silicone, the tube and mouthpiece of this snorkel are extremely bendy. Add to that the mouthpiece’s angle, and you have an easy-breathing snorkel that allows your jaw muscles to relax. This is a great spare snorkel. Put it in your BC’s pocket, it’s easy to store, travel and carry.


  • The tube and mouthpiece of the this snorkel are made entirely from top grade silicone. The angle of the mouthpiece allows the user to breathe easily with relaxed jaw muscle. This stylish spear fishing / free diving snorkel are supple and comfortable to use in any condition
  • Great spare snorkel!! Put it into your pocket of BCD as a spare snorkel
  • Easy to store, easy to travel, easy to carry
  • No snorkel holder required. Easy as tucking SN36 in between the mask strap
  • Easy function, nothing to go wrong
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