IST B400 3mm Nylon II Boots
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IST 3mm Nylon II Boots

IST's 3mm tall cut boots with a super-thick 10mm (0.4") felt sole are great for beach diving, traction on jagged, slippery coastal reefs—or just ensuring a sure-grip for clamoring up a slippery boat ladder. Hard, thick sole is ideal for a wide range of surfaces and provides maximum protection. Toe and heel caps provide even more foot protection; boot has super heavy-duty no. 10 YKK zip – these rugged boots are built for your feet to take it all. This is a highly unusual boot with its unique combination of a thinner 3mm body, and super thick 10mm sole.


  • Tall-cut boots with 10mm (0.4") thick felt sole.
  • Great for walking on slippery coastal reefs.
  • 3mm nylon II neoprene upper.
  • Toe & heel caps provides extra foot protection.
  • No.10 YKK zips.
  • Height: 20cm (8")
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