Custom Ground and Installed Prescription Mask Lens
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Custom Ground and Installed Prescription Mask Lens

Prescription Dive Masks allow everyone to see clearly underwater. Professional divers have used them for years. Now sport divers, photographers and snorkelers are discovering the benefits of clear underwater vision.

We have an optometrist custom make each lens for your prescription, using your personal measurements for optimum vision. Your lens is created specifically for the mask you select. The lens size is kept as large as possible, to give divers a full field of vision. Then it is bonded to the glass face plate with optically clear adhesive that never comes off.

Choose your options below and either e-mail your prescription or fax to 702-734-6333 with the mask you order from us or send the mask you need altered to us.

Prices may vary depending on the prescription requirements.  

Mask not included.
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