Cressi Octopus XS
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Cressi Octopus XS

Proven and highly affordable, the XS Octopus is ideal for any diver looking for maximum value.

Its low maintenance and ultra reliable design also make it a favorite among dive schools and rental centers.


  • Hi-tech polymer materials and a traditional downstream valve make the XS2 rugged and reliable.
  • A flow of pilot air is channeled to the mouthpiece by injection, enhancing the performance.
  • Dive/pre-dive Venturi switch boosts air delivery at depth and minimizes freeflow at the surface.
  • Standard size second stage includes a well-shaped exhaust tee for excellent bubble dispersion.
  • High-visibility yellow markings make these second stages easy-to-see for use as an octopus or safe-second.
  • Long, 36-inch yellow hose included with each for additional visibility and easier air sharing.

Certification: EN250/2000 for cold water

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