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ScubaPro Galileo Luna Complete Wrist Computer with Transmitter

Loaded with features, very user friendly.

Offering a choice of display screens, an intuitive menu system and the bar-none best electronic compass around. The GALILEO LUNA has everything you need in a fully functional wrist-mount dive computer to maximize your underwater experience. This powerful dive computer handles nitrox mixes up to 100 percent O2, offers hoseless air-integration, and provides an enormous logbook that stores tons of useful data from each dive. The algorithm calculates true remaining bottom time and incorporates Profile Dependant Intermediate Stops (see below), both of which add additional layers of safety to your diving.

Alhough it's a fully loaded dive computer, the GALILEO LUNA is surprisingly easy to use. Offering a choice of three primary screen configurations to suit your individual tastes, you navigate through the system via three clearly marked control buttons. You can also rotate the screen 180 degrees, enabling the dive computer to be worn with control buttons on top or on bottom. The intuitive digital compass features an actual half-compass rose that can be used at a full 90-degree tilt, making it a true aid to underwater navigation.


  • Extra-large dot-matrix screen offers a choice of three display modes, allowing you to personalize the presentation of your data to suit your individual tastes.
  • The LIGHT display shows dive time, depth, tank pressure and no-stop information   with large easy-to-read digits.
  • The FULL display maximizes the amount of information shown on a single screen, including depth, dive time, deco information, tank pressure, RBT, time of day, stopwatch, active MB (micro-bubble suppression) level, temperature, heart rate, maximum depth and average depth.
  • The CLASSIC display strikes the perfect balance, displaying depth, dive time, deco information, tank pressure, RBT and temperature.
  • Oil-filled technology allows for a slim display casing design that fits comfortably on the arm. This also enables the GALILEO LUNA to be rated to a depth of 1082ft (330m).
  • Huge memory can store pictures, tables, tissue loading status, and the most recent 100 hours of diving with a four-second sampling rate, enabling you to enjoy detail never before seen on a dive computer.
  • View pictures and charts during the dive.
  • Graphical charts let you review the dive profile at any time, including a complete list of deco stop times.
  • Review the depth, temperature and heart rate profiles after the dive using the on-board logbook.
  • Hoseless gas integration, when used with an optional transmitter, provides tank pressure and true remaining bottom time (RBT). It also allows the air consumption to be factored into the decompression calculation for a more accurate assessment of your deco status.
  • PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) calculates an intermediate stop based on how much nitrogen your body has absorbed, and takes into account your current dive, previous dives and breathing mixes for safer, more confident diving.
  • Full-tilt digital compass with bearing memory provides an effective navigational tool that remains accurate regardless of inclination.
  • Continuously updated average depth display in Gauge mode can be reset at any time.
  • Personalization options include screen display, menus, alarms and warnings in the language of your choice, plus much more.
  • Trimix Algorithm can be uploaded via
  • User changeable battery is good for three to five years or 300 to 500 dives.
  • PC compatible using SmartTRAK software, and PC and Mac compatible using LogTRAK software.
Predictive Multi-Gas upgrade:
Purchasing the PMG feature allows the GALILEO LUNA to use up to three nitrox mixes (21-100% O2) during the dive, calculating the ascent schedule for all possible combinations of the programmed mixes. The outcome of the different decompression calculations can be shown on the screen in a dedicated deco summary screen.

Heart Rate Monitor upgrade:
Exclusive to SCUBAPRO dive computers, the heart rate monitor, jointly developed with Polar (world leader in the field of heart rate monitors), measures and records your heartbeat and skin temperature during the dive that can then be factored into the decompression calculation along with your workload. This results in safer diving because each diver is unique, and each dive location and situation is different. The HRM is also ideal for Apnea divers, measuring heart rate and sounding an alarm if the heart rate drops below the set level.


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Question asked
on 11/16/2011
Hello, i recently made a purchase for this awesome dive computer and was wanting to know if it comes with the wireless transmitter or do i have to buy that seperately?
Answer by Bill
on 11/17/2011
Hi There, Yes it does come with the transmitter. You will love this computer!!
Question asked
on 2/8/2012
Hey Bill, I purchased a knighthawk bc from you back in december and its awesome! Just curious as to if this luna comes with the transmitter, wrist strap, and carrying case? Thanks
Answer by Bill
on 2/9/2012
Hi There, Glad to hear the BCD is working well for you. On this computer, yes it comes with everything, transmitter, strap, case, warranty card with lifetime batteries and manual. Let us know if you need anything else: 1-866-728-2293. Bill
Question asked
on 10/11/2013
Can I pay for this item online and deliver it to a friend who is visiting Miami to his hotel? Thank you so much
Answer by Bill
on 10/11/2013
Hello, Sure just make sure that you use paypal with a confirmed shippiing address please. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 12/6/2013
Does this come with a plastic gauge guard?Smart infrared device? What does lifetime batteries entail? Is this the latest model?
Answer by Bill
on 12/7/2013
Hello, Yes it comes with download cable, guard and the lifetime batteries is that you send it back to scubapro every year or so and they replace the batteries for free all you pay for is shipping. Yes this is the latest model and it comes with a full manufacturer warranty as we are authorized dealers for scubapro. Thanks for your question!! Bill


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