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Tusa Warm Water Dive Adventure Package With Wetsuit,Bag Plus

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ADVENTURE READY!Take advantage of our Tabata USA Complete Warm Water Scuba Gear Adventure Package. Take advantage of this special offering now.

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TUSA LIBERATOR PLUS MASK: Great-looking, contoured styling in a twin-lens mask. The Tusa Liberator Plus mask has been designed to give you great visibility, fit, durability and comfort. Low volume design makes clearing easy.
You'll get a clear look at what's going on in any dive environment - and our cool colors let you outshine the brightest fish.

TUSA PLATINA HYPERDRY SNORKEL: The special, dry top guards against splashes and seals the tube underwater, making this the dry snorkel that's REALLY dry! Specially angled purge valve allows easy clearing of residual water and eliminates gurgling. Smooth-bore, silicone flex tube. Ortho-consciously designed silicone mouthpiece for ultimate comfort.
TUSA IMPREX TRI-EX OPEN HEEL FINS: The Imprex Tri-Ex fins from Tusa feature the advanced Multi-Flex Blade, made from three different materials to reduce diver fatigue and air consumption. Fast, powerful, effortless propulsion with optimum thrust. Sizing is as follows: Small = men's shoe size 5-7. Medium = men's shoe size 7.5-10. Large = men's shoe size 11-13. Women's shoe sizes are approximately 2 sizes smaller than men's. For example, women's size 8 would be men's size 6.
TUSA IMPREX PRO BACK INFLATION BCD: Tusa's Imprex Pro BC features a back mounted air cell to leave the chest area open for unprecedented freedom of movement. Bungee cords ensure even air pressure throughout the air cell and help you maintain a low profile in the water, while our lumbar support system reduces back fatigue. Fully integrated Weight Loading System will hold up to 35 lbs of dumpable weights. Large, concealed, detachable inside 'Ninja Pocket' helps keep you organized. Shell is made of heavy duty 1000 denier nylon for superior strength and durability. Six stainless steel D-rings allow easy equipment attachment.
TUSA RS-340 REGULATOR: The RS-340 regulator always supplies divers with stable air flow at any tank pressure or depth, delivering maximum breathing ease and comfort for any diver.The R-300 first stage features an over- balanced diaphragm system with a minimum variation in intermediate pressure in relation to changes in residual tank pressure. The ports (H.P.x 2, L.P.x 4) feature left-right symmetry for easier tank adjustments, even for novice divers. Universal Swivel Hose For optimum performance and comfort, a swivel joint is fitted between the second stage of the RS-340 and the joint section of the low pressure hose. The swivel joint allows flexibility of the hose to eliminate hose tension at the mouthpiece for a more natural and comfortable bite. Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece.
TUSA SAFE SECOND STAGE OCTO: Small and light, the Tusa Safe Second Stage is designed specifically as a backup air source and tuned to resist free-flowing. Count on it! Yellow hose and faceplate ensure that the Safe Second Stage can be easily accessed in an emergency. A rugged, dependable and affordable octo. OR.. For a very special price, upgrade your regulator system with the Tusa Duo-Air alternate inflator regulator. Enjoy the comfortt and security of having your alternate second stage right at the end of your BCD LP inflator hose.
TUSA ELEMENT DIVE COMPUTER THREE-GAUGE CONSOLE: The SCA-351 three gauge Element console features the IQ-650 Element dive computer, a 4000 PSI pressure gauge and a compass in a compact low-profile two color boot. design The computer console is a full-featured, user-friendly instrument with an innovative interface designed exclusively for divers.
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