Do You Ship To Other Countries Outside The U.S.?

By Bill

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Yes! We offer several shipping options for our international customers. In addition to having us directly ship your order using either USPS Priority Mail International or USPS First Class International (NON-TRACKABLE), we have also partnered with Bongo International Parcel and Mail Forwarding to service our international customers.

Bongo International provides its customers with their very own U.S. address (not a P.O. Box). Once you have a U.S. address, you will be able to make purchases at our website as well as other U.S. based online retailers. Bongo International receives your purchases and logs them into their online system where you can consolidate them with other orders. This process saves international customers up to 82% off typical international shipping rates. For more information, or to sign up with Bongo International, see our overseas shipping policy page.

To help prevent credit card fraud. first-time customers choosing to have us directly ship their order to any country outside the U.S., and paying with a credit card, are required to provide us the following documentation prior to order acceptance:

  • A completed Alternate Address Form.
  • A copy of the credit card used for the purchase (front/back).
  • A copy of the cardholder's I.D. card (front/back).
These documents may be submitted to us via e-mail, fax or postal mail.

This is not required for:

  • Repeat customers who have previously provided this documentation.
  • Customers who pay with American Express, PayPal, or bank transfers.

By default, we ship all international orders with the United States Postal Service. Customers can also request that their order be shipped using FedEx or UPS, but will be responsible for all associated shipping costs. If you want to have your order shipped using FedEx or UPS, please call Customer Service at 1-866-728-2293.

Last Updated: 1/27/2012

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