What Are The Benefits Of Being A Scuba Club Member?

By Bill

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The advantages of being a Scuba Club Member are endless!

Starting November 1, 2007, simply join The Scuba Club Newsletter and receive our standard 60 Day Exchange / Return guarantee and an unprecedented 150 Day Store Credit for Returns. That means you can return your purchase as a Scuba Club Member — even after 60 Days — and receive a Store Credit good for 90 days. Now there is no reason not to make your purchases from!

If that isn't enough, we have also extended our Free Service on Gear Purchases to Two Years for Scuba Club Members. Just make sure you are an active member when you make your purchase and stay active the whole time to keep this in effect. Remember: Everything we sell comes with a Full Manufacturer Warranty.

As a Scuba Club Member, you will also receive our monthly newsletter with exclusive coupon codes, special discounts, contests, drawings and more!

Over time we will be adding many more benefits to membership in the Scuba Club, so keep coming back to see what's new!

Registering is easy! Simply enter your e-mail address in the "Join the Scuba Club" box, located in the right sidebar of our site, and click "Subcribe Now" to begin receiving all the benefits that membership brings!

Last Updated: 1/27/2012

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