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General Diving Information For Lake Mead & Lake Mojave (125 views)
Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a unique freshwater diving area. Here are a few tips when deciding to dive at Lake Mead. Visibility on both lakes fluctuates throughout the year. During the months from October to April, visibility is usually go...
Lake Mead Dive Sites (102 views)
Castle Cliffs-Gypsum Reef Good drop-offs, large gypsum and sandstone rocks, variable visibility. Access by boat. Kingman Wash Gentle slope, good for novice divers, occasional heavy boat traffic, variable visibility. Access by boat. Black Canyon ...
Lake Mojave Dive Sites (102 views)
Black Canyon Moderate to swift water, usually good visibility, water temperature 52-55°F all year, steady boat traffic, excellent current drift diving conditions. Access by boat. Ringbolt Rapids Advanced divers only. Swift and turbulent water ...
Lake Mead Aquatic Life (180 views)
Important regulations are strictly enforced at Lake Mead and Lake Mojave. Below is a list of the aquatic life found in the Lakes as well as laws concerning spearfishing. Regulations Nevada and Arizona State fish and game regulations are in effect...
Lake Mead Emergency Information & Procedures (129 views)
Important emergency contacts and procedures for diving Lake Mead. What to do in the event of an emergency including the nearest recompression chambers. Emergency Procedures Contact the nearest Ranger Station or Park Ranger on duty, or Telephone ...

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