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Bare Mens HDC Tech Drysuit
Our most durable suit ever, the HDC Tech Dry is for the serious recreational diver who need an exceptionally tough technical suit. Features a FULL CORDURA body, RipStop reinforced lower sleeves, shoulders and crotch/seat and KEPROTEC (made with Kevlar) knee pads.
ScubaPro M2 Mantis 2.0 Wrist Computer, Transmitter, HRM Belt
A DIVE COMPUTER LIKE NO OTHER. Human Factor Diving Creates the Ultimate High-Tech Wristwatch-Style Dive Computer. Offering everything a recreational diver wants, and everything a technical diver needs, the M2 (MANTIS 2) is a wristwatch-style dive computer like no other. The M2 is loaded with topside features and underwater functions, including hoseless air integration and electronic navigation, plus it incorporates cutting-edge biometrics through Human Factor Diving that enable you to live your life in dive mode. Includes Mantis 2.0, LED Transmitter and HRM Belt
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