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ScubaPro Pilot MK2 Plus/R195 R095 2-Gauge Package

ScubaPro Pilot BCD w/ Balanced Inflator

Simple and sure buiyancy control.

No-frills front-adjustable BC offers loads of comfort and stability at depth. It's no surprise that the PILOT is favored by diving centers and resorts the world over. After all, it's easy to use and it provides a stable ride at depth. This can be very reassuring to traveling divers who usually don't have time to get overly familiar with their rental gear. For fans of front-adjustable BCs who like to keep their dive systems simple, the PILOT has a lot to offer.

The PILOT is made of 420 denier nylon which is both lightweight and durable, plus it dries really fast, a huge convenience whether you're traveling around the world or across town. Comfortable and easy to use, its wraparound air cell, wide cummerbund and adjustable shoulder straps with rotating buckles allow you to dial in a snug, secure fit. Some nice back padding lends an extra level of comfort. The tank locks in solidly with SCUBAPRO's reliable stainless steel Super Cinch band, and an outstanding valve system provides pinpoint buoyancy control on ascents and descents. Two large Velcro cargo pockets are included, along with a pair of plastic D-rings for clipping on extra gear.


  • Front-adjustable design with wraparound air cell fits snug and comfortable and improves load distribution for a stable ride at depth.
  • Rotating quick-release shoulder buckles allow you to optimize the routing of your shoulder straps to maximize fit.
  • Three-dump deflation system lets you to dump air from a variety of underwater positions.
  • Padded back incorporates a lightweight and quick-drying material.
  • Large cargo pockets and two plastic D-rings are provided for carrying accessories.

ScubaPro MK2 Plus/R195 Balanced Regulator

Bulletproof reliability and minimal maintenance.

It makes this the system of choice for demanding training centers as well as new divers. The classic downstream piston configuration is the simplest mechanism that exists to control the pressure drop from a tank to feed the second stage. The classic downstream valve is the first choice of diving centers and rental facilities worldwide for warm and moderate water temperatures.

This first stage is equipped with ScubaPro's Thermal Insulating System (TIS), which will keep your first stage functioning properly, even in frigid water. The MK2 has one high-pressure port and four low-pressure ports. The first stage body is manufactured from marine-grade chrome plated brass.

The R195 is a new design based on the heritage of the classic R190 second stage, re-engineered with modern features and materials. The R195 combines a classic downstream valve with a large diaphragm and classic purge button. Its simple and robust construction offers the utmost in reliability and makes the R195 the ideal second stage for new divers and a perfect choice for deco tanks thanks to its reversible hose attachment.


  • Classic downstream piston
  • Chrome plated brass body
  • Low pressure ports: 4
  • High pressure ports: 1
  • Tank connection: INT 230 bar / DIN 300 bar
  • Weight: : INT 230 706 / 24.9 - DIN 300 485g / 17.1oz
  • Air Flow at 200bar: 2600 l/min - 92 SCFM
  • Intermediate pressure (bar/psi): 8.5-9.8 / 123-142


  • Classic downstream valvec
  • Diver-adjustable Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA)
  • Super-flow hose
  • Super Comfort High Flow mouthpiece
  • Metal valve housing
  • Weight: 198g / 7.0oz
  • Air flow at 200 bar: 1400 l/min - 50 SCFM
  • Maximum low pressure: 14 bar / 203 psi

ScubaPro R095 Octopus

Well known for safety and reliability.

Our R095 is a new second stage featuring classic downstream valve technology. Pre-tuned for safe and uncomplicated use, a certain inhalation effort is always required to open the valve. The octopus version combines the features of the R095 with a high visibility yellow cover and a 1 meter long yellow hose for easy sharing.


  • Classic downstream valve
  • VIVA Preset
  • Super-flow hose
  • High comfort orthodontic mouthpiece
  • Full metal valve housing
  • Left/right hose attachment
  • Weight: 165g / 5.8oz
  • Air flow at 200 bar: 1400 l/min - 50 SCFM
  • Maximum low pressure: 14 bar / 203 PSI

ScubaPro Imperial 2-Gauge Console

These are the two most important dive gauges you'll ever need.

For new divers, it's easy to get bedazzled by all the really cool equipment choices available for building a dive kit. That's part of the fun of diving, but first things first. Topping your gear wish list, along with a reliable regulator, should be a quality instrument console loaded with the two dive gauges you literally can't live without -- a submersible pressure gauge (SPG) and a depth gauge. These two instruments are, and always will be, among the most critical components of your dive rig, and you need them right now.

SCUBAPRO's 2-GAUGE CONSOLE features a compact SPG that reads O-5000psi (perfect for both Yoke and DIN regulator users) with easy-to-read tick marks in 100psi increments. Mounted just above it is an oil-filled depth gauge that reads 0-150ft in 5ft increments and includes a maximum depth indicator (MDI), a must-have feature for any serious diver. The two gauges are protectively recessed in a compact console that's built to withstand lots of abuse. A molded eye allows for clipping onto a retractor or D-ring so you will always know your gauges are close at hand.

The 2-GAUGE CONSOLE provides the only analog gauges you'll probably ever need. Use them today as inexpensive start-up gauges, and use them tomorrow as reliable backups to a full-featured dive computer which, if you don't have one now, is surely in your future.


  • Sturdy all-in-one console offers recessed compartments to protect gauges from bumps and knocks.
  • Analog submersible pressure gauge reads 0-5000psi in 100psi increments.
  • Oil-filled depth gauge reads 0-150ft in 5ft increments, and includes a maximum depth indicator.
  • Molded eye lets you clip the console to a D-ring or retractor to keep it close at hand.
  • Gauges also available in metric versions.


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