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ScubaPro Mantis Wrist Mount Dive Computer

A totally customized dive computing system.

This computer is all about you. With easy-to-use features, it's the world's first wristwatch-style "smart" personal dive computer with Human Factor Diving. Offering just the right balance of topside features and underwater functions, the MANTIS is the must-have dive watch for the new millennium. By providing more vital, individualized information in an intuitive delivery system, you'll be able to make smart decisions based on solid personal data to make your diving safer, enhance fitness, help improve your diving skills, and as a result, make your time spent under water a heck of a lot more fun.

Human Factor Diving is an exclusive SCUBAPRO approach to equipment design that combines Human Factors & Ergonomics  (an engineering doctrine that focuses on the interaction between products and the people who use them), Biometrics (the science of measuring and analyzing a person's biological data), and Wearable Technology (gear designed to be worn on the body) to create high-tech scuba diving products that are compact, easy to use and, MOST importantly, provide detailed "real-time" self-tracking reports on how your body is functioning, both on the surface and at depth, so you can get the most out of your body, out of your dive, and out of your life.

There's no better example of this blend of high-tech form and function than the MANTIS. Offering a totally customized wristwatch-style dive computing system that's super easy to use, the MANTIS features a visually pleasing display screen, an intuitive menu and a simple circular navigation system, making it one of the most user-friendly dive computers on the market.But what makes the MANTIS truly unique is its ability to provide you with personalized data through the use of biometrics. This allows you to maximize your body's operational efficiency; it lets you know when you're over-exerting or under-exerting, and it alerts you to potential problems before they escalate into major events. In short, this type of self-tracking helps increase diving performance and decrease injury, and that boosts confidence.

A stylish and highly versatile instrument both above and under water, for daily topside use the MANTIS offers full timekeeping functions. For after-work sports and exercise, the altimeter and thermometer let you track hiking excursions into the upper elevations. The chronograph with lap memory is great for running, as is the heart rate monitor display when using an optional HRM belt. Or, switch to Swim Mode and you can record your swimming time (chronograph), number of swim strokes and swimming distance.

For diving, the MANTIS can accommodate three gas mixes, from 21 percent nitrox to 100 percent O2, plus it offers a fixed PPO2 CCR algorithm for closed circuit rebreather diving. It offers four underwater modes: Deco, Gauge, Apnea and CCR. With the optional HRM belt you can monitor your heart rate at depth - another SCUBAPRO exclusive. You can also monitor your own skin temperature, which can be factored into your decompression algorithm for safer, more efficient diving. And for post-dive data tracking the MANTIS comes with LogTRAK software for both PC and Mac as well as an Android LogTRAK app.


  • Targeted to certified air (open water and above) and nitrox divers, in addition to closed circuit rebreather divers using a fixed PPO2
  • Casing is built from the highest marine grade 316L stainless steel with a two-toned brushed finish that both protects and looks great
  • Magnetic control buttons eliminate the need for holes, maintaining the casing's watertight integrity and maximizing mechanical reliability
  • Mineral glass protects the LCD segmented display
  • Data is presented with easy-to-read alphanumeric characters and graphics and intuitive menu system
  • Includes full topside time-keeping functions plus a chronograph with lap memory for running
  • Four Dive Modes-Deco, Gauge, Apnea and CCR-plus a Swim Mode offer maximum data crunching versatility on land, on the surface and under water
  • Dive Modes function to a maximum operating depth of 394ft/120m
  • UWATEC ZHL-8 Predictive Multi-Gas (PMG) algorithm allows divers to carry high oxygen concentration mixes (21-100%) in addition to their primary breathing gas
  • Fixed PPO2 CCR algorithm is provided to accommodate closed circuit rebreather divers
  • Enhanced logbook allows apnea divers to store their repetitive apnea dives sequentially under the same session
  • CR2032 user replaceable battery is rated for two years or 300 dives
  • USB data interface (with dongle) is both PC and Mac compatible using LogTRAK software. An Android LogTRAK app is also available


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