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FOR THE LADIES!The ultimate women's dive gear package! Featuring the very best that Oceanic has to offer. Package includes the following:OCEANIC HERA BCD: Ergonomically designed to fit a woman's body and to be functional and easy to use in any dive position, the extra heavy duty padding provides comfort both above and below the surface without having to sacrifice the stability of a hard backpack. The Reliant Integrated Inflator provides a full range of airway exhaust/inflation control. Simply press a button to produce precise flow for trimming dive attitude or maximum flow for major changes in buoyancy. A large exhaust valve creates a flow rate higher than the inflation rate of the power inflator, improving diver control during ascents. The innovative design of the Hera allows the freedom of movement and other benefits you have come to expect from a rear-inflation BC. However, the unique wrap-around design of the air cell provides you more lift than most BC-s; as well as an improved, upright orientation when the BC is inflated on the surface. Weighs Approximately 8 pounds. OCEANIC DELTA 4 BALANCED DIAPHRAGM REGULATOR: Even with the best laid dive plans, there are times you encounter conditions beyond your control. The Delta 4 is one hot new regulator ready to take on all challengers with improved performance, new features, improved styling, and Oceanic's patented Dry Valve Technology. Features diver adjustable inhalation effort, and once set our patented dynamic adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive. Set It and Forget It! Adjustable Venturi Switch (A.V.S.) for simple Dive/Pre-Dive Adjustment. Comes with interchangeable Titanium, Blue or Neon Yellow Second Stage Cover Plates. Comes paired with the new Over-Balanced FDX-10 diaphragm first stage, featuring DVT (Dry Valve Technology). DVT is a revolutionary regulator technology designed to automatically eliminate moisture and contaminants from entering your first stage, even if the dust cap is accidentally left off. DVT eliminates corrosion of critical internal components, bacteria, hose deterioration, and damaged gauges and computers. OCEANIC AIR XS 2 alternate inflator regulator. Enjoy the comfort and security of having your alternate second stage right at the end of your BCD LP inflator hose. Compact, integrated design eliminates the bulk and underwater drag of a traditional octopus and hose, making your dives easy and breezy. No need to search in an emergency for an octo that is rarely used - the Air XS 2 is always right where you need it. Ergonomic design for ease of use. OCEANIC PRO PLUS 2 DELUXE DIVE COMPUTER WITH QUICK DISCONNECT AND COMPASS: Supersize it! This classic PDC features the largest display available and our patented Air Time Remaining calculations built right in. The Pro Plus 2 is 'air-integrated', constantly monitoring your cylinder pressure and comparing it with your personal air consumption rate and decompression status to deliver your personal Dive Time Remaining based on the most limiting factor. Patented Air Time Remaining algorithm provides extremely accurate time based on current depth and your personal air consumption. 'Turn-Around' pressure prompt. 'Ending' pressure alarm ensures that you return to your exit point with a predetermined reserve. Safety stop prompt. Simulator incorporates your personal air consumption rate. Now with OceanLog Software included with Settings Upload.
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With Oceanic-s wireless transmitter, the diver can also monitor gas pressure from up to three independent cylinders - ideal for both technical diving applications and recreational diving with our new Buddy Pressure Check feature. The Oceanic VT3 can be switched during the dive between up to three different Nitrox mixes containing 21-100% oxygen. Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive Modes. Wireless Air Integrated Technology. Switch between up to 3 independent transmitters, tracking up to 3 Nitrox mixes or your buddy-s tank pressure. Patented Air Time Remaining Algorithm. Audible Alarms with User Acknowledgment. SmartGlo- Backlighting. Includes OceanLog- PC Download and Settings Upload Software and USB cable. Advanced User Settings and Options. Adjustable safety stop time and depth. Use With or Without Wireless Transmitter. Diver-Replaceable Batteries.AND FOR A LIMITED TIME.. Protect your expensive regulator system in a high-quality padded regulator bag! Our Akona regulator bag features padded sides for maximum protection, a detachable shoulder strap, and slip-on console sleeve to safeguard expensive gauges and computers. Get it for only $19.95 with your Oceanic Travel Package Purchase!Order your package today and get Free Shipping!


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Question asked
on 8/19/2011
I would like to substitute the Oceanic EOS SKU: 8165R--FWR6EK for the Delta 4. I have a very small mouth and had TMJ surgery twice. This regulator seems to have specs that would reduce jaw fatigue. Is this substitution possible? Or is there much of a difference between these two regulators.
Answer by Bill
on 8/21/2011
Hi There, The upgrade is an additional $80. Simply place your order and request in the notes that you want the eos for the additional $80 per Bill and we will take care of the rest.


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