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Ocean Reef Neptune Space G.Divers Full Face Mask

Be an explorer, be adventurous, be a responsible diver with the new G.divers line from OCEAN REEF!

The streamlined visor, made of transparent polycarbonate, is designed to be wider and sit closer to the face than previous full face masks. The G.divers design maximizes the visual field, particularly the peripheral area. The visible light transfer of the visor is 92%. These factors give divers an astonishingly clear view of the underwater world.

The patented bellows style face skirt, molded from premium grade silicon rubber, uses a "spring profile" and large sealing double the size and spacing (30-45mm), to achieve a very comfortable fit and ample support. This "spring" effect is a combination of the double "S" section and the inner support ribs which allows the G.divers full face mask to "float" comfortably on the face. The head strap is directly attached to the face shield, allowing pressure to be distributed equally along the mask skirt. The six straps of the head harness hold the mask in a firm position due to their low elasticity. The tip of each rubber strap is wider, making them easier to grasp while wearing neoprene gloves. The FRB II (fast rotating buckle) allows the mask to be donned and doffed quickly. These unique face seal and strap concepts are OCEAN REEF patents.

The Neptune Space G.divers air circulation system is one of a kind and is designed to eliminate fogging and reduce the amount of CO and CO2 buildup. The silicone orinasal pocket is built with 2 one-way valves through which air is inhaled. Exhaled air is directed through a valve under the orinasal pocket. This limits the mixing of used air (which contains high amounts of CO2) with the fresh air breathed from the regulator, allowing for a much safer dive and reduces the risk of breathing harmful gas build-ups.

Water that may seep into the mask is easily eliminated
by exhaling or pushing the "purge" button on the second stage. Mask squeeze, a common problem for conventional masks, will not occur with the Neptune Space G.divers because the pressure inside the mask is equal to the pressure outside the mask. Equalization can also be a common issue for some divers. The Neptune Space G.divers full face masks make clearing a breeze with the patented OCEAN REEF 3-D equalization system. The system consists of a movable plate and 2 eccentric blocks (these blocks move close to the nostrils when the upper part of the visor is pressed). Before donning the mask, the blocks may be moved up or down depending on the length of the diver’s nose. The 3-D equalization system can be adjusted for wide and narrow noses.


  • Newly designed G.divers exhaust air system.
  • New G.divers SAV/octopus port which makes installation of a Surface Air Valve accessory or octopus using the adapter very easy.
  • Colors available (emerald, cobalt, white and pink).
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Very affordable to recreational divers.


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Question asked
on 1/3/2015
how can cost the costum fees. Canada, Quebec
Answer by Bill
on 1/3/2015
Hello, We generally ship USPS and the fees are not charged but if they are I believe it is a about 5% additional. Thanks, Bill


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