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Genesis GS2000 Regulator

Innovation at its best is the way to explain the function of the Genesis first stage regulator.

The first stage regulator incorporates Genesis Dry Air Demand (DAD). This simple yet unique design has a flow by piston that mechanically balances the air of the first stage ensuring excellent breathing characteristics at full or low cylinder pressures. Balanced flow-by piston design, which is a "fail safe" mechanism, with a patented dry seal internal mechanism to keep the intricate components clean and contaminate free no matter what kind of environment you dive it in, constructed from marine grade chrome plated brass for long life and durability.

The DAD function allows the regulator is increase the intermediate pressure of the regulator without messy oils or grease as with more sophisticated designs. This added benefit makes the regulator virtually uncontaminated from the environment of salt, sand or chlorine internally, which makes it the choice of most repair technicians. The first stage is equipped with two 7/16" threaded high pressure (HP) ports and four 3/8" threaded low pressure (LP) ports for addition of gauges and LP accessories; this is one work horse first stage regulator. Tee shaped design reduces regulator profile when mounted on tank minimizing opportunity to make contact with the back of the head.

First stage has a high capacity inlet filter for smooth delivery of air to the second stage. The Genesis GS2000 Balance 2nd Stage delivers air effortlessly; its pre-dive/dive switch eliminates sensitivity when swimming through surf, jumping off the side of the boat, or fining in a current, yet allows high performance breathing when needed. Durability is assured with a non-corrosive ABS/Polycarbonate housing and a corrosion resistant passivated (302) stainless steel demand valve lever. Breathing resistance is adjustable for optimal resistance. The GS2000 2'nd stage regulator adjustment knob is unique in that once the diver finishes tuning the regulator at the surface, the second stage automatically compensates for changes in ambient pressure providing smooth and easy breathing from start to finish of your dive. The regulators orthodontic mouthpiece allows hours of comfortable breathing without jaw fatigue.


  • NITROX compatible to 40% oxygen out of the box
  • 3/8" threaded 31" low pressure hose
  • Mechanically balanced flow by piston
  • Flow by piston: fail safe mechanism
  • Excellent breathing characteristics at full or low cylinder pressures
  • Marine grade chrome plated brass for long life and durability
  • Two 7/16" threaded high pressure (HP) ports
  • Four 3/8" threaded low pressure (LP) ports
  • High capacity inlet filter for smooth delivery of air to second stage


  • Delivers air effortlessly
  • Non-corrosive ABS/polycarbonate housing
  • Corrosion resistant passivated (302) stainless steel demand valve lever
  • Breathing resistance: adjustable for optimal resistance
  • 2'nd stage automatically compensates for changes in ambient pressure
  • Smooth and easy breathing from start to finish of dive
  • Orthodontic mouthpiece: reduced jaw fatigue


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on 7/8/2012
from Willard
great set up
As a Divemaster, I am in the water alot. I look at more expensive items but after looking at this i figured I would try it. I had a chance to take it down this past weekend. I was very happy with it performance and it worked great. If it had a swivel I would have given it 5 stars but it is still a must buy 1st/2nd stage. 
by DiverGuy
on 1/29/2011
from San Dimas, CA
Balanced and Sealed Regulator for Under $300
I bought this regulator because it is one of the few scuba regulators that are balanced first and second stage along with a sealed first stage.  That means easy rinsing after the dive.  The Dry Air Demand feature gives me easy breathing at 150 feet or 10 feet, the adjustable second stage allows more air when I need it as well.  Genesis is a name brand sister company of Sherwood Scuba so I know it is a good brand.  Thanks OnlineScuba!!
by Dolphin
on 9/9/2009
from California
Great product, Great Value!
Had looked at less expensive regulators but, the brand name and features, sold me. It's compact & great product for the price. Once again, the pro's at Onlinescuba did a fantastic job on putting together my gear. Thanks. Don't have to look anywhere else. You guys are the best.
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Question asked
on 6/1/2011
looking for the yellow cover for the gs2000 octopus Do you have, can you get, how much, how long? thank you , Joe
Answer by caitlyn
on 6/2/2011
Is it the Octo cover or is it the primary cover you are looking for?
Question asked
on 9/24/2014
Can this regulator be used with nitrox?
Answer by Bill
on 9/26/2014
Hello yes out of the box it is good for up to 40%, if you have any more questions let us know. Thanks, Bill
Question asked
on 4/22/2017
Can this regulator be used in 45 deg water? Or what is the coldest it's recommended for?
Answer by chris
on 4/24/2017
Hi, Thanks for your question. The 1st stage isn't designed to be used in water 40 and below. If you wanted to stay with Sherwood/Genesis I would recommend going with the Sherwood Blizzard. If you have any other questions, please let us know.


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