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  • Cressi MC9-SC Ellipse Balanced Regulator

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Cressi MC9-SC Ellipse Balanced Scuba Regulator

Pairing of balanced and adjustable 2nd stage Ellipse Balanced with the hyper-balanced 1st stage MC9-SC.

Thanks to the performance and the highly technological content of both stages this regulator is placed at the very top of the Cressi range. The user can adjust both the inhalation effort and the Venturi effect (dive/pre-dive) at any time during the dive. The 1st stage MC9-SC is identical to model MC9, but with a special Seal Chamber which completely isolates the diaphragm and spring from contact with water. Ideal for diving in waters that are rich in suspension and mineral salts, for archaeological work, for potholing and diving in cold waters.


  • Hyper-balanced Diaphragm 1st stage with highly technological content that places it at the top of the Cressi range.
  • Very light body covered by a protective elastomer shell.
  • Cylinder sheathed in an antifriction and anticorrosion material that guarantees perfect sliding of the piston and long maintenance intervals.
  • The nozzle, made from 316 stainless steel, can be easily replaced, thus ensuring perfect air-tightness, even after many years of use.
  • Advanced research on the passage of internal air and a special assistance chamber have enabled the drop of pressure upon inhalation to be kept to a minimum, thus guaranteeing high performance in any situation.
  • Hyper-balancing allows for an increase of the intermediate pressure at maximum depths and lowering of the pressure in the tank, offering higher performance during the delicate ascent phase and at maximum depths.
  • DIN 200/300 bar fitting in stainless steel which prevents deformation of the thread in the event that the regulator suffers any falls.


  • Many of the exclusive technical characteristics of Ellipse, covered by 4 international patents, have been transferred to this new second stage.
  • Ellipse Balanced has a slightly larger casing which is made from a sound absorbing material, and a new diaphragm that further improves the already very low inhalation effort of Ellipse.
  • The weight is very low (the lightest in the category).
  • The pneumatic balancing system of the piston allows for constant performance at any depth and with any air pressure in the tanks.
  • An easy grip knob allows for the instant adjustment of the inhalation effort, even when wearing gloves, thus regulating it as first regulator or as spare regulator depending on the preferences of the user and the required use.
  • The regulation system is protected by a double seal and is fully protected from contact with water, thus maintaining smooth rotation even over time.
  • A small lever, located in the upper part of the casing, acts as a flow deviator and allows the Venturi effect to be adjusted. When placed in position (-) it functions as pre-dive, for getting into the water and the first stages of the dive, whilst when moved to (+) it allows the regulator to develop its maximum performance.
  • An internal heat exchanger optimises the performance of the regulator even in cold waters.
  • The special study of air flows inside the casing has meant that absolutely natural, smooth and very silent breathing has been obtained.
  • The standard release baffle can be directly replaced by the user for a larger model, which pushes the bubbles further way from the diver’s face.
  • The possibility of quickly removing the entire mechanical part from the casing significantly aids maintenance operations.
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MC9 SC diaphragm 1st stage - Technical Features
  • Working pressure (INT connection): 0-232 bar
  • Working pressure (DIN connection): 0-300 bar
  • Calibration pressure: 10 bar
  • Calibration adjustment range: +/- 0.5 bar
  • Air supply: 4500 l/min (*)
  • High pressure seats (HP) 2
  • Low pressure seats (LP) 4
  • Weight with INT connection: 650 g
  • Wight with DIN connection: 510 g
(*)values measured at LP seat outlet with second stage connected and 150 bar pressure in the cylinders.

Technical Characteristics of the 2nd stage Ellipse Balanced with 1st stage MC9-SC
  • Average inhalation effort: 3 mbar
  • Average exhalation effort: 8 mbar
  • Average breathing labour: 0.75 J/l
  • Quantity of air supplied: 2500 l/m (*)
  • Weight without hose 170 g
(*) Values measured in compliance with standard UNI EN 250.


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